How to Keep Track of Your Weight Loss Goals

When trying to lose weight, many people often times find themselves discouraged because they are not seeing the kind of rapid progress that they had originally expected of themselves. While some results are unrealistic, for those that have researched their

and wish to keep a log or note of it, here are a few simple tips to help make weigh-ins easier. You will need: scale, calendar, pen First, pick a day of the week when you know you have time to perform a weigh-in and can always be home for that date and time. For example, if you work Monday through Friday, perhaps Saturday morning before breakfast will work best for you. If you can stick to a consistent schedule, then you can easily refer to your calendar and see your previous week's results. Next, make sure your scale is set to zero if you have a manual scale with a dial. Also, be consistent: do you want to only weigh in with your underclothes on, go shoeless, or au naturale? Decide upon which way will be the easiest for you, and then always stick with it for the most accurate of results. Finally, measure your

three times. This is because the first time you step on the scale may be one number, the second another, and the third may be a totally different number. Should this occur, try to average your answers to record your weekly weigh-in. Log it on your calendar, and if you would like to, note your change with a (+) or (-) sign to indicate progress.

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