[Web Design] 10 Trends in Web Type

Look for these trends in web typography this year and beyond. 1.Typographic Voice Diversity: Look for websites where the typography is used to tell half the story. 2. Larger Font Sizes: As screen resolutions increase, so should font sizes. Use 14px as a minimum for body copy. 3. Slab Serif Fonts: Slab serifs are great for the screen, providing easy-to-read text and a strong voice. 4. Letterpress and Other Text Effects: CSS3 allows you to create text effects to add emphasis to text without bold or italics. 5. Color Contrast: Although controversial, varying contrast allows designers to further guide the viewer's eye. 6. Mixing Font Weights: Web fonts can include multiple font weights, allowing designers to mix them together for typographic contrast. 7.More Space: The "above the fold" myth is dead. People scroll, so give your designs some breathing room. 8. Responsive Typography: Typography can change to optimize for tablets and smart phones. 9. Handwritten Fonts: For maximum typographic voice, you can't beat handwritten fonts. 10. Dingbats Instead of Images: Using dingbats allows you to change the color and size of icons with no loss of fidelity. -From the article Web Type Revolution By Jason Cranford Teague from How Design Magazine Special Issue: Typography & Interactive Design. July 2012.

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