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Videnton: Increase Yours Or Your Customers

Conversion Rate By As Much As 64%.

Are you ready to discover how you can assist both local and online small companies that are struggling today and charge for it with a very little work?

Small businesses are terribly having a hard time now and they do whatever it takes to get clients. Today, this reality produces the biggest chance I have actually seen for a very long time.

Studies carried out by conversion-rate-experts. com have shown that by simply including an animated explainer video to the landing page, an organization can increase sales conversion rate by as much as 64%!

Still, it is truly unexpected how couple of small business sites include explainer videos.

Videnton Is NOT Another Video Creation App.

Simply to make it clear, Videnton is NOT another video development app.

It is a hundred of approximately 60-second-long ready-to-use TV-commercial grade animated explainer videos plus software with proprietary CTM deep video personalization technology.

CTM deep video customization innovation is the world's very first tech, which enables individuals to fully personalize entire ready-made animated videos by simply clicking & swiping.

Videnton 60-second-long videos include everything from story, to script, to studio voice over, to entire TV-commercial grade animated explainer video developed and ready-to-use.

People Are Charging As Much As $3,000 For A Single 60-Second-Long Animated Explainer Video.

Small business owners are busy running their companies, and they do not have the time or the abilities to develop animated explainer videos.

This is why they work with freelancers and spend for their services.

It is not unusual for small businesses to pay countless dollars for custom animated explainer videos, and wait on weeks to have these videos produced.

Later on in this video I will show you a case study on how people are charging as much as $3,000 for a single 60-second-long animated explainer video.

Think Of How Thankful Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Could Be.

Picture how thankful those small company owners and business owners could be if they can have an TV-commercial grade animated explainer video custom-made customized to their company for less and without having to wait weeks for the video to be provided.

While there are lots of excellent video apps on the market, making a complete ready-to-use 60-second-long TV-commercial grade animated explainer video is far from simple or fast.

Producing a 60-second-long explainer video is extremely difficult and incredibly time consuming because it is not practically throwing in random animation, images, and stock video footage and call it a day.

Avoid All The Hurdles Normally Associated With Creating TV-commercial Grade 60-Second-Long Animated Explainer Videos.

To make a TV-commercial grade animated explainer video you need to create a plan for the video, that includes everything from the story, to what you want to state, to concepts for the script, to which animations, images, and video footage to utilize, to hiring a voice actor, to adding background music, to producing the TV-commercial grade video itself, and more.

A 60-second-long video does not sound like a long one, but if you ever attempted to make a prepare for such a video before, you already understand that it actually takes a great deal of thought, creativity, and time.

Then just after all the preparation is done, the real work starts on copywriting, studio voice over, and creating real TV-commercial grade animated explainer video with all the elements included, animated, and integrated.


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