How To Wear Oversized Sweaters

In this article, you will discover 35 ideas for oversized outfits to design your own sweater for your next holiday celebration, wedding, or even your birthday. We've put together a list of better, more stylish ways to get the best out of oversized sweaters.

If you don't fancy oversized sweaters, we have plenty of other cool pieces to choose from. Look for pearls or floral-inspired statement necklaces and let them be used to make your oversized sweater stylish.

If you want to design a sweater-dress outfit, you should round off the style with a belt. If you don't wear a belt with your oversized sweater, you look baggy and unprofessional in your outfit. You want your sweater to be worn as a layer, but never so thick that it looks like a thick brick. Even if you don't want to wear oversized sweaters, you still want something that's oversized but not too thick.

Wearing an oversized sweater with a pleated skirt is a bit tricky, but if you can do it, it looks flawless. If no one is wearing an oversized sweater, you can put it in a bra or tank because it doesn't look too bulky when hidden under a pencil skirt.

The combination of an oversized sweater with a large bag with tight trousers and slender heels is most flattering. Pay particular attention to the size of your wardrobe, especially if your cardigan is a cocoon or bat style, because it creates more volume in the middle visually and requires more fitted clothing. Play with proportions to balance your outfit, and combine oversized sweaters and big bags with tighter pants, sleek styles and heels.

A sweater that is designed to be oversized fits well to arms and shoulders and will make you look stylish and not fruity. A swe

ater designed for oversize can fit on both the arm and shoulder and you look stylish - but don't get frustrated. An oversized sweater can be attached appropriately to both arms and shoulders, to the left - for - appearance - in - style, but also appropriately.

If you're not sure how to wear an oversized sweater while making a bold fashion statement, read our guide to how we wear oversized sweaters. If you are interested in wearing one, take care of it and handle this delicate fashion clip carefully, but if you are not sure how to take it off and wear it with the process - try it.

knitted jumper dress

If you're wearing an oversized, voluminous sweater, pair it with jeans that graze your ankles and a fitted crop top. Pair a short skater skirt with a pullover that pulls up, or a pair of jeans with an over or under sweater.

Choose your favourite oversized sweater and rock it with a leather skirt, or opt for leather skirts because they fit in almost any color. You can wear oversized sweaters with lots of skirts, whether you're in a T-shirt and jeans, tank top and shorts, or even jeans and sweaters.

Do not wear tennis shoes or sandals if you are wearing an oversized sweater, and also avoid heels because they look out of place. For example, you can combine a neutral sweater with sky-high wedges or heels and wear it as a dress or over knee boots, or wear it with jeans, a tank top and jeans and boots. Knee-high boots are ideal for long sweaters, but be a little more daring and wear them over a long sweater.

If you are wearing an oversized sweater, try to pair it with trousers or leggings to make your legs look longer. Of course, I wear trousers and sweaters in winter, but I could perfectly combine this sweater with a corduroy skirt in autumn or spring.

Try combining your favorite oversized sweater with wide-leg pants or high-performance pumps to make a real statement. An oversized cashmere sweater mini skirt might work on weekends, but you could wear knee boots over it instead to balance out the proportions. Try a jacket that suits you, or try it with wider legs and a pair of jeans or leggings for a more casual look.

If you want to make your sweater big, you need to pair it with a more shapely, matching outfit, so choose a sweater that is too big, rather than just a size two. The decision to wear an oversized sweater with skinny pants will change or destroy your outfit. Challenge yourself by wearing oversized sweaters in chic ensembles that look good for different occasions. If you wear an oversized sweater, you can always wear skinny jeans and wide leg pants. 

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