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Every Entrepreneur wishes to build a strong business platform for their successful developments and profitable earnings. There are many ways and ideas to start-up a business, but there are many ups and downs, one of the most valuable platforms to start-up an online rental business around your hometown and neighboring cities. Many wish to rent their space for earnings but don’t have an idea about the online renting business.

The online rental platform has a great demand and can get high profits, every spare space that you rent is a passive income, and many travelers, event organizers search for space to organize some events. Renting out space has become increasingly popular for growing and even established entrepreneurs.

Makent - Space

Space Rental Script

Features Of Makent Space

Hourly Booking

Using hourly booking, the event organizer can book the space with preferred timings and the space provider can easily allocate the space.

Multiple Day Booking

Multiple spaces can be booked for multiple days. This delights the users, as it liberates them from booking and listing a space again and again.

Advance Filter

An event organizer can easily pick out space from numerous listings, It helps to search and quickly book the space without any struggle.

Setup Price For Each Activity

While listing, the host lists their space along with events and activities. They can set a price for each and every activity at the given time.

Availability Calendar

A calendar feature is integrated with Makent Space. This clearly depicts the booking of space along with hourly booking, single day booking, and multiple booking.

Admin Approval For Listing

When a new space is added by the space providers, the admin has to approve the listing and for safeguards the event organizers from a false listing.

Multiple Languages And Currency

For users convenience, multiple languages, and multiple currencies are added in Makent Space. Admin can add or delete languages and currencies.

Secure App Option

Users can lock their apps by enabling the secure app option. This special feature enhances the user’s security and misusing of information is blocked with this option.

Multiple Payment Option

Multiple payment options like PayPal, Stripe payment methods in it. Also, Stripe offers strong customer authentication.

Makent Space Website

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