If you live in a small flat and would like to get the most of your living space, getting a bunk bed might be a good idea. Typically, bunk bed frames are used in kids’ rooms but they can definitely be used by adults as well. A bunk bed consists of two beds placed one above the other. This is great when space is limited.

These days bunk bed frames come in an array of sizes and shapes. The first thing you need to decide on is the size of the frame. Choosing the right one depends on the size of mattresses that you would like to have, and obviously on how much space there is in a room.

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A twin size bed over another twin size bed is considered to be a standard among bunk beds. This kind of frame can be made of various materials. The two most common ones are metal and wood. There are also plenty of finish options to choose from. A twin over twin bunk bed frame is also available as loft beds. They are basically the same as regular bunk beds but also offer various other features, such as storage space, drawers, desks, or closets. Because of the extras, these frames are usually extra thick in order to be able to safely support everything.

The twin over twin bunk bed is certainly not the only style available. You can also find a twin over full bunk beds, which have a full size platform bed on the bottom with the twin size on the top. For two adults, full over full bunk beds are a great solution and a neat way to save on space. The last available type of bunk bed frame is the futon bunk bed. This type of bed features a futon on the bottom, which can be converted into a sofa easily, and a twin size bed above it.

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