Elegant brick wall design ideas for home

Brick walls have found their way back in trend with more uniqueness in character, texture, and charm. Some people think that exposed brick walls are the amalgamation of history and modernity.

For some, these walls represent personality and elegance. No matter what the reason is, brick walls belong to the timeless decor category and are definitely a keeper.

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Here are some elegant brick wall design ideas for home-

Apply various textures

A raw and uneven wall of bricks creates a rustic appearance that would look great if you want to accentuate the wall of your living room. You can add a pendant light or a wall sconce to create a modern artistic ambiance. Combined with the smooth plain, patterned wall surroundings, this rustic brick wall will portray a texture-rich space.

Contrast rich color brick wall with neutral wall paint

If you choose a rich and bright colored brick wall in contrast with a monochromatic color palette, it will create a great combination of warm and cool shades. This will add more depth to a narrow space. It is perfect for the entrance of a room.

Apply a coat of limewash

A coating of limewash will make a red interior brick wall a bit soft and porous. It will make the room more airy and breathable. It is fashionable and unique for a living room or a bedroom.

If you plan on applying this idea for the wall, the furniture needs to be chosen smartly to have a dramatic look. You could incorporate some wooden furniture with this kind of setting for the living room.

Experiment with various layouts

Brick walls come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes. Dark shaded rustic brick walls add subtle texture to the interior wall. This type of brick walls creates an impression of combining an interior with nature.

Build dividers with brick wall

Recycled brick walls are a great way if you want dividers for your interior. They are sophisticated and modern design for any room in your home. These dividers make your home look innovative.

Color contrasting mortar

When you are planning to decorate your interior with a brick wall, the use of mortar is a must. It is the glue that holds the brick stones together. The mortar you choose has an impact on the overall look of your home.

Choose a mortar color that contrasts with the brick stone color, so that the stones will get a chance to stand out. It will generate a traditional yet modern look to your home.

Dual-tone bricks

A combination of dual-tone bricks, for example, white and red bricks create a historical appearance. This dual-toned brick wall is great for a study room or home office.

Distressed brick wall

If you choose a distressed brick wall for your home, you do not need to paint or smoothen the surface. The character of the distressed brick wall can be highlighted with crafted decor. You could use furniture made of cane, and some planters to decorate the room.

It is important to have the right bricks when you are thinking about a brick wall. In terms of quality as well as style, brick walls are timeless. If the brick wall is properly built, it will make your interior stand out, and also it will show your distinct sense of style.


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