A Different Kind of Charm - Diamond Watches

For the first time, Ulysse Nardin used a very special invisible diamond setting technique in a watch. The craftsman could not use any prongs or brackets, but chiseled a small groove on the bottom surface of each diamond and fixed it to the metal frame. Inside, in this way, the light of the diamond is not covered by any fixing device, and it is more dazzling. Moreover, the adjacent sides between diamonds must be "flat" in order to be set side by side in the base, so the surface of the watch is stitched together like geometric patterns. The "X" structure is also inlaid with diamonds, which becomes more mysterious under the background of the hollow movement. The tourbillon device at 6 o'clock keeps turning, just like time passes, never stopping. The UN-172 movement provides a 3-day power reserve for the watch.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak clone

The Piaget Emperador cushion-shaped self-winding minute repeater watch combines high jewellery craftsmanship with complex minute repeater functions, a very powerful watch. The watch is made of 18K white gold and is inlaid with more than 332 diamonds. The diamonds are presented in different shapes such as square, round, and emerald cut. Although it is covered with diamonds, it does not have that monotonous feeling. The hollow dial shows the appearance of the movement heartily. It is beautiful and beautiful. Another highlight of this watch is the slim minute repeater movement, which is only 4.8 mm. There have always been good achievements in the field of thin movement, which is very difficult for movement manufacturing. This is a watch that combines high-end jewellery, complex functions and ultra-thin movement in one. It is impeccable from appearance to performance.

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