Top 5 Addictive Bingo Games For Android

Mobile game development has gained a lot of attention in the last few years. The increased accessibility to smartphones and high-speed internet connection is something that drives its increasing demand.

The demand for Bingo game development has also recorded a rise along with other game genres. If you are also looking to invest in in-game app development, this article is a must-read. It will provide better clarity about Bingo game app development and referring to the concept of the top trending Bingo games on the Android platform.

Top 5 Addictive Bingo Games For Android

Scroll down to read about the Bingo games that are trending on the Play Store market.

Bingo Gem Rush

Bingo Gem Rush is a distinctive yet appealing Bingo game for Android. The game is loaded with exciting features and gameplay that elevates the Bingo playing experience over the old themed Bingo games.

A major limitation that is faced by the users in most of the Bingo games is that the number of games a user can play is manipulated. This is a major turn down for the Bingo game enthusiasts.

However, the Bingo Gem Rush addresses the issue and allows a player to play as much as they want. The free to play game provides the option either to play solo or to connect with a friend.

Super Bingo HD

Super Bingo HD is an addition to the list of the latest Bingo games that are trending at this time.

The game offers some outstanding features that elevate the user experience and keeps the users engaged for a longer duration of time. Moreover, the platform facilitates a multiplayer option to allow users to connect with their friends for a more polished experience.

Also, the platform adopts an approach that lets the user make customization as per their likes and dislikes making it a cut above the rest.

It also boasts some first-in-class features such as playing four cards at once that contributes to making the gameplay even more exciting.

Bingo Blitz

Yet another trending Bingo playing platform, Bingo Blitz allows the players to connect with other real-time online players that maximize the fun for an endless Bingo playing session.

It boasts more than 100 Bingo playing rooms to ensure that the player experiences lag-free gaming. The game is compatible with the number one social media networking platform, i.e. Facebook makes it easy for the users to access the game in a matter of a few clicks.

The game features power-ups that the user can purchase to elevate their Bingo playing experience. The platform also boasts an in-app chat that makes it easy for the players to connect with each other.

Lucky Bingo

It is one of the most demanded Bingo games available on the Play Store market. The game features four versions of the Bingo game as Instant Bingo, Live Action Bingo, Bingo Hell and Painfully Slow Bingo.

Each version of the game revolves around a unique concept for enhanced user engagement. Lucky Bingo also facilitates in-app chatting for hassle-free interaction between the players. Live-Action Bingo lays emphasis on a socialistic theme.

Bingo Heaven

Bingo Heaven is a product of the Super Lucky Casino. The game is highly popular amongst Bingo lovers. The game has achieved a milestone of more than 5 million downloads till date making its way into the top list. Bingo Heaven is available both on Android as well as the iOS platform.

It boasts a number of tournament rooms that hikes up the probability of winning huge jackpots that the game offers.

Bingo Game Development

Bingo is a popular game that has been prevailing since 1530 and has evolved over the years. The game once played on cards now accessible on mobile platforms. This remote access of the game through mobile applications has revived the old memories and igniting the same appeals that once existed.

The game is easy to play, making it a perfect time pass for people of all age groups. For the investors looking to venture into the mobile game market, considering Bingo can be a wise decision.

There are a lot many variations of the game available in the market. Analyzing closely, the different concepts that different apps have to offer on the Play Store or any other platform can be helpful in shaping up your unique business idea.

Using an open-source bingo software available in the market can be a good option to consider. Open source bingo software is preferred by the developers for many reasons. The open-source format makes them flexible enough to accommodate customization. Also, it saves the cost and effort incurred in the app development.

The cost of app development can not be accurately predicted without knowing the features and complexity of your Bingo app project; however, a basic game app development can be as low as $5000 and go up to $30000 or even higher.

Final words

Bingo game app development

Finding a team of expert Bingo game developers might be quite challenging; however, there are some experienced software developers having an experience of over a decade that excels in the process of game development.

Investing in the growing market of mobile game apps can be a lucrative business venture for the long run.

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