A Guide on Men's Hair Styling Product

Do you get confused between mud waxes, pomades, and clay hair wax? Well, it is quite common. Given the number of available options, it is relatively easy to get confused or frustrated at times. But you must not be discouraged. You can visit a good barbershop in Brooklyn to learn everything about waxes and their proper usage based on your hair type. Also, you can get a haircut that suits your face. Until then, here we have narrowed down the entire list of wax categories into three, which basically covers every male hair type and style.

No matter the type of hair you have or any type of hairstyle you want, the products mentioned below will fulfill your wish and make your look on point every day. But you must remember that choosing the right hair wax depends entirely on the type of look you want for yourself.

The Mud Wax- Extreme Hold with Matte Finish

This wax is undoubtedly the most favorite and preferred one by the top stylish. It makes a perfect choice for a person who wants extreme hold with a super matte finish. Also, this wax is the right choice for men who wish texture and fullness in their hair. In case you want to go for a more natural look, it is better to go for a quality hair paste instead of wax. The paste will offer your flexibility with a bit of shine, ensuring you receive the natural look you aim for.

Tip- Mud waxes and pomades, when used together, complement each other greatly. When combined with the pomade's glossy finish, the wax's mud texture can help you achieve that perfect natural volume.

The Clay- Strong Hold with Maximum Texture

This type of wax is relatively new in the market and is available in very thick to a very creamy consistency. As the name suggests, clay products contain real clay ingredients in their formula. So if you are willing to go for a wild, Messy hairstyle with lots of volume and texture, then a clay wax will be a perfect fit for your look. The wax will make your hair flatter while adding thickness, body, and structure to the individual strands without weighing them down.

Clay wax is also the perfect choice if you want to hide thinning hairlines or those who want a quick fix for thin hair.

Tip- Aside from being a top-rated styling product, the clay wax is known to condition, strengthen, and moisturize the hair. It can offer you control and frizz-free hair, making it suitable for men with curly, long, and unruly hair.

The Pomade- Light Hold with Glossy Finish

In contrast to the other two types of men's hair styling products, pomades are primarily formulated to showcase a sleek and neat hairstyle while providing a highly glossy shine. In case you love pompadour, classic side part, or slick backs, then this styling product is what you should buy. You can find this styling product with any of the top barbershop in Brooklyn.

Generally, pomades can be divided into two major categories- water-based and oil-based. The latter provides infinite mobility, while the first is a more user-friendly, water-soluble, and popular version.

So, if you are ever in doubt, you can either visit a good barbershop in Brooklyn to get your hair styling done or simply choose water-based pomades. Though they are designed to achieve a similar look and hold like an oil-based pomade, they can be cleaned out easily and thus gives you a chance to continuously re-style your hair during a day.

Tip- If you want more volume and texture, then mix your favorite pomade with mud or clay wax and give your hair the volume and intensive texture.Tip- If you want more volume and texture, then mix your favorite pomade with mud or clay wax and give your hair the volume and intensive texture.

Choose the Best Styling Product with the Professionals Help

No doubt choosing the best hair styling product can be quite confusing. However, with a professional's help, you can easily make your purchase of the product that suits your style and hair type. Gentlemen’s Barber Shop is among the top barbershops in Brooklyn, which can offer you the help you need with your decision. Our barbers are extremely talented and experienced in providing you the right help and recommend the best products that fit your hair type and budget.

Give us a call or visit our shop to get the help you need.

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