How to protect your motorbike this winter?

Keep your motorbike in top condition this winter by using quality motorbike covers and using some of these tips on how to protect your motorbike during winter

motorbike covers

Other things to do are:

Check the battery

A healthy motorbike battery should have a voltage reading above 12.6 volts, if it’s low, charge it before riding. Cold starts, old thick engine oil and a large amount of accessories common on modern motorbikes can place a large strain on batteries. The terminals should be cleaned and tightened, then lightly greased with suitable grease. All electrical connections should be checked and any loose wiring properly secured. If your battery voltage drops quickly it could be a sign it needs replacing

Check the Tyres

It’s a good safety policy to check your motorbike tyres before, as well as after every time you use it. When it gets cold, your tyre pressure can drop about 2psi for each 10.C temperature drop so it’s important to take this into consideration and check your tyres when hot after a ride and when cold


Motorbikes fitted with a water cooling system should always use only a high quality Coolant with anti corrosive properties and ensure that it also has a low freezing point. Ensure your cooling system is always topped up with the same type and brand of coolant as some are not compatible and never use plain water

Chain Lubrication

Salt laden air and wet roads combine to corrode chains quickly if they are not protected by a good lubricant. Oil your chain often and before placing in winter storage.

An automatic chain lubricator is a great option so your chain is lubricated as you ride

Lubricate all moving parts

All moving parts such as the brake, clutch and accelerator controls need to be cleaned to remove dirt and grime, then lubricated regularly and before you place your bike under motorbike covers

Lights and Light Covers

It’s a good safety practice to always drive with your lights on during the day as well as nighttime. In the winter, it becomes more important as visibility can be reduced, making you harder to see. Your lights need to be checked to ensure they are working correctly, including the brake and indicators. The lens covers should be inspected and cleaned regularly


Check your brakes regularly and replace the brake fluid at least once a year

Motorbike covers

Using motorbike covers will protect your motorbike from the worst of the winter weather as well as reducing the likely threat of vandalism and theft as most people will not bother trying to remove motorbike covers

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