Tips To Improve Employee Relations For Positive Workplace

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Employee relations or internal public relations is about how decision-makers in an organisation interact with their subordinates. Positive employee relations lead to a positive workplace and higher employee retention. And satisfied employees are the best brand ambassadors. They believe in the management and feel more involved with the work they do. This in turn leads to an improved growth rate.

Building internal PR is not as simple as giving bonuses during festivities. You need to be consistent with your efforts. Here’s what you need to do:

Promote Communication

Communication is the greatest hurdle in any relationship. Open and clear communication between employers and workforce can prevent confusion and stress. Two-way communication is necessary to keep in touch with the employees’ expectations. It should start from day one when someone joins the office.

You can start by making yourself available to your employees. Casual conversation during lunchtime can help. Set up a feedback channel through HR or surveys for employees who struggle to open up about their issues. Schedule meetings to gain employee feedback and resolve issues. It’s especially important when creating a policy that has a direct impact on them.

Modern companies use social media extensively to connect with their employees.

Make Employees Feel Valued

Most employees leave because they feel that their efforts are not being valued. Managers tend to focus on pointing out and correcting mistakes rather than appreciating initiatives, which can sour relations.

Don’t make every conversation about correcting the employee’s mistake. Show them that you value them with incentives or a day off for meeting targets. Asking employees for their opinions during a project gives employers a different perspective. Even something as simple as a thank you can help.

Avoid conversations like ‘you’re doing good but...’ This makes the appreciation sound fake even if you mean it.

Offer Growth Opportunities

Feeling stuck in the same place is not a good place. Most employees want to move ahead in their career. This could be in the form of the compensation they receive, promotion or skills they pick up.

Employees should be responsible for their career development. But taking initiatives to help can increase job satisfaction. When possible, adjust job roles based on employee skills to help them develop. Allow change in departments when possible. Mentorship programs within the organisation and financing certification programs can also help.

Focus On Work-Life Balance

Business owners often forget that their employees have a personal life. Making employees overtime, especially without compensation drains their energy and demotivates them. Managers need to develop a proper work-life balance to help the staff manage their personal lives. Showing support in home life encourages employees to feel more involved with work.

Offer flexible work schedules, work from home options, paid holidays etc. Employee benefits like insurance plans can also help. Make sure that these benefits match their needs. If you can’t afford to provide benefits, encourage your staff to leave the office after work hours. Assure them that they can finish pending work the next day.

Create A Safe Workplace

No employee should face discrimination, abuse or harassment of physical, mental or sexual nature. Everyone from top to bottom should feel safe at the office. Develop policies to tackle these issues and a team to enforce them. Nurture an environment of diversity and inclusion. Encourage raising voice without fear of consequences.

Build ER Strategies Based On Data

It’s easier now than ever to collect data on employee productivity. Use the data to create plans on how to best support your workforce.

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