online personal trainer

No need for a Gym

With an online fitness coach, you no longer need a gym membership. Our online virtual training program is centered around the use of bodyweight training, resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, and other useful items you can find around your home.

Convenience & Flexibility

You also get to benefit from the added convenience of having an online personal trainer. There is no travel time involved for anyone so you get more flexibility in the time you wish to train. This added convenience and time flexibility means you never have to miss a workout again!

More value for your money with an online personal trainer

Online virtual training is a cost-effective way to receive the one-on-one guidance of a personal trainer. Unlike many online programs, which give you video demonstrations or written tutorials to follow having an online personal trainer provides the personalized guidance of an actual trainer so that you can ensure the program is tailored-made for you. However, you don’t have to pay for the added luxury of having an in-person personal trainer.

Nutrition consultation included from an online nutrition coach

As part of our on-boarding process with new clients, we provide a diet assessment and nutrition plan using a flexible dieting system called macro-tracking. Diet and exercise must work hand in hand to reap the full benefits of any exercise program. Unlike general meal planning, our online personal trainers provide a personalized approach where we assess your current caloric intake & weight changes.


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