Kim Hee Sun Goes Red-Head For Upcoming Drama ‘Faith’

Kim Hee Sun is showing a bold new hair color for her upcoming television drama. Recently, SBS released a new image of the actress filming on the set of its upcoming drama Faith. In the drama, Kim Hee Sun plays one of Korea’s top plastic surgeons who is kidnapped by the Goryeo Dynasty warrior Choi Young (Lee Min Ho), who brings her back in time some 700 years to his era. The people of the Goryeo era look at her appearance, clothing and hair in wonderment and begins calling her ‘the doctor who came down from the heavens’. With this drama background and setting, Kim Hee Sun, the drama production staff and a number of professional hair stylist shared their opinions to decide on the ruby-copper hair color. Kim Hee Sun’s official hairstylist for the drama shared, “To match [Kim Hee Sun’s] character’s image, we chose a bright red and gorgeous orange mix to give her a more animated look which we curled into a wave to bring her youthful and innocent image to life." The red-haired Kim Hee Sun had apparently slipped and fallen while shooting a runaway scene, while her shoes went flying. Though her ego was bruised more than her body, Kim Hee Sun laughed off the incident, as seen in the photo. The drama will premiere on August 13 on SBS Src: Enewsworld

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