12 Days of Smutmas Day 1 🎄 🔞

Hello! I am going to try out 12 days of Smutmas. I will be getting out of my comfort zone and see how far I can push my imagination. Please remember to caution and kind before reading. These one shots are for mature readers only.

You have been warned, now you can continue on reading.

Christmas Surprise

"What a sucky Christmas its turning out to be" you mumbled to yourself as you unlock your door. You just came home from eating a lonely Christmas dinner. You got lucky to find a place to eat on Christmas Day. It wasn't anything special, but beggers can't be chose. You fitted right in with other solitude people. Thanks to covid, you can't visit family like before for Christmas. What makes it worse, your man can't be in town. He felt bad, but promise to make it up to you. You told him a little lie, that you weren't going to alone. You were spending Christmas with your best friend. He didn't know your best friend had other plans with her family. So you told him not to worry about it. So here you are walking into your lonely home.

You walk in to turn on the lights, even the Christmas lights, to brighten the living room. You take off your coat and put it away. You head to the kitchen, and stop when you noticed something. You noticed your bedroom door is closed. You left it open when you were leaving your place. You think that's strange and start to get nervous. You look around for something to use as a weapon. You see a big folded umbrella. You pick it up, and creep toward your bedroom. You jump when you heard a creak from your room.

As you slowly turn the door know, you quietly push it open. You see candles lit up around your room. You push open the door in shock. What shocks you the most is seeing your man laying on your bed with nothing but a big Santa hat covering his cock. Jay is laying back with with a big smile on his face. He loves that you surprised you.

"Merry Christmas Baby"

Jay tells her with a sexy smirk.

"What? How?" You stutter when you see Jay in all his glory. "I thought you were out of town for Christmas?" You ask him as you drop the umbrella on the floor. You walk towards the bed.

Jay sits up on the side of the bed. He watches you walk towards him. " I couldn't leave my baby by herself on Christmas, could I?" Jay asks while he pulls you towards him. " I knew you were lying because I know your friend left town. And I knew you lied so I wouldn't feel bad leaving you alone. But I changed my plans so I can spend the night with you." Jay explains while he pulls you close. You are so happy to see him, you threw your arms around him. You start to kiss him. You both start with gentle kisses. Slowly the passion starts building up between you too. Jay starts undressing you. When you are just in your bra and panties, he slowly peels your bra strap off your shoulder. He kisses and lick your shoulder as the strap falls down. When your breasts are bared, he pushes them together to start sucking your nipples.

"Oh that feels so good, Jay" You moan from the intense feelings. You start caressing Jay's shoulders and chest. You are rubbing his nipples until they are hard as yours. Jay takes off your bra. He throws you on the bed as he stands up. He reaches your panties to slide them off. He takes off the Santa hat and throws in the floor. He starts rubbing himself while looking at you laying naked on your bed.

"I really missed you baby girl. I know it's only been a week, but I sure missed that pussy" Jay purrs while caressing your legs. You can't help but get excited when he starts talking dirty to you.

"Oh yeah? Show me how you missed your baby girl's pussy" You replied coyly while squeezing your tits. You start to squirm as Jay opens your legs. He runs his fingers on your inner thighs. He cups your pussy and starts rubbing it.

"This is my pussy, right baby girl? He asks you as rubbing your pussy. You are getting wet and more horny. When you don't answer him, he stops. He looks down at you with a raised eyebrow.

"Don't stop!" You whined. You reach for his hand. He holds it back while looking at you. You realize what he's waiting for. "IT'S YOURS! ONLY YOUR PUSSY!" You yell in frustration and need. You need him so bad. You can't wait for him to fuck you so hard. Jay is the only one who know how to fuck you just right.

"That's right baby girl! Only mine!" Jay can't wait anymore. Its been too long already. He spreads your legs wider. He holds one thigh down, while grabbing his cock to guide it in your pussy. With one single thrust, he is in you. You both start moaning and groaning. He starts out in a slow rhythm. He is savoring the feeling of your pussy around his clock. He's enjoying the sounds you are making. He starts getting the urgent to go faster, especially when you start yelling faster and harder. He holds both your thighs up, when he starts pumping faster in you. He's going so fast that your tits are bouncing. Jay gets more turned on when he see it. He throwing your legs over his shoulders and grabs your tips. So now he's fucking you so hard, while squeezing your tits. He's using them to hold on while he's fucking your pussy.

"DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP! YESS!" You are moaning from how good Jay's cock feel in your pussy. You are both sweating from the heat your bodies are creating from this intense fucking.

"Oh I'm not done yet baby girl" Jay says. He all of sudden pulls out. He rolls you over, and puts a pillow under your stomach. He lifts your ass up. He gets behind you, and did some adjustments. He grabs your hips and thrust his cock back in your pussy. He's holding on to your hips to pull you towards him while he is pumping in your pussy. You are loving it. You are so close.

"Oh yes! I love your cock! Its feels so good. Don't stop! I'm so close!" You moan at him You are looking over your shoulder at him. You love the look on his face while he is fucking you. The pleasure is building up. They are both close to cumming. The closer Jay gets, the faster he is fucking you. The bed is banging the wall with every thrust he does. Jay knows you are close and he wants you to cum first. So he reaches under you to rub your clit fast. With the double stimulate on your pussy, you couldn't hold back anymore.

"Yesss!!! Cumming so bad!" You yelled as you cum. You cum all over Jay's cock and thighs. Its Jay's turn after a quick sessions of thrusts, he came in you. Jay collapse on top of you.

"Merry Christmas Baby Girl" Jay whisper in your ear while he pulls you in his arms. You turn around and snuggle close to him. Christmas turned out to be amazing and not so lonely after all. Thanks to Jay (Wink Wink)

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