6 Myths Uncovered About Mouthwash for Bad Breath

Natural mouthwash for bad breath

Myth #1: Natural Mouthwash Kills All Germs & Bacteria

Fact: Oral hygiene means mouth free of germs and bacteria, tooth decay, and gum diseases. Many of us believe that mouthwash kills all good and bad germs from the mouth. But it is not true. Made of herbal extracts and Ayurvedic ingredients, natural mouthwash for bad breath only removes bad breath causing bacteria. In actuality, killing all microbes is not good for oral health. And natural mouthwash follows this rule. Chemical contained mouth rinses may make oral health worse.

Myth #2: Mouthwash replaces brushing & flossing

Fact: Many people assume that only mouthwash does a miracle to keep teeth and gums healthy. But in actuality, it complements brushing & flossing and supports complete oral hygiene. Some use it to fight against bad breath while some get it to prevent tooth decay. No doubt, it is beneficial but only if it is used correctly. As already discussed that natural mouthwash for bad breath helps to maintain oral hygiene, it stops microbial growth and its effects.

Myth #3: Alcohol contained mouthwash is good

benefits of Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

Myth #4: A quick solution for bad breath

Fact: Consistency is necessary for the best results. These golden words also apply to the practice of oral health hygiene. Gargling with natural mouthwash helps to eliminate bad breath. Consistency of this habit ensures healthy results. Using it once or twice a week is not enough if someone wants to improve a bad breath issue. Stay hydrated and sugar-free chewing gum helps to stimulate saliva and provides great oral hygiene.

Myth #5: Natural mouthwash recommended only for bad breath

Fact: if you’re one of those people who find it only for bad breath, then, please note that mouth rinses support oral hygiene practice. Besides freshening the breath, it controls tooth decay, reduces the risk of plaque, gingivitis, and tarter. Regular rinsing with alcohol-free natural mouthwash lowers the risk of dental problems. 

Myth #6: Mouthwash whitens the teeth

Factbest natural mouthwash for gum disease

Bottom Line

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