The warmth of him (+18) Day 12

Who: Babylon (Lee Jongmin) x Reader

What: Smut

Story: N/A

The world outside was cold but inside you were warm. The room was dark but the soft light from the candles made you feel safe and warm. You could feel him softly kiss your lips. Jongmin's lips were extremely soft, like rose petals. The scent he was wearing was intoxicating, you wondered if he bought it just to lure you.

"Jongmin," You whispered.

The sound of sweet desire floated in your voice. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you. His kisses were soft yet they still made you tingle. He was on your neck kissing the column your throat. There was the soft flicker of his tongue just below your ear that tickled you. There was a giggle in your moan and then you started to claw lightly on his back like a kitten trying to knead a comfortable spot to rest. He backed you into the wall giving you, and him, some support. Your body was begging to be kissed more. Every inch of flesh he could find you offered up to him silently. His hand came to your clothed breast, gently massaging them.

Your bra was thin today, it wasn't planned, it was just something you grabbed. You were too lost in the sensation of his thumb teasing your nipple behind the fabric to regret the fact that you hadn't matched your panties today. Soft breaths from both of you intertwined. He was being so gentle but it wasn't enough.

"Jongmin," You whined.


You looked him in the eyes even though the room was dim you were sure he could see how turned on you were.

"Take off your clothes."

Your request was light, not demanding but requesting. It had the innocent sound of a virgin which you weren't. He made you feel like a different person, you were never very bold but you had confidence. Right now you felt like you lacked it and your voice reflected that. Jongmin placed his hand on the wall by your head. He looked you in the eyes as he leaned closer. You couldn't believe this man that you used to call a baby face could look so devilishly delicious. Something in you wanted to lower to your knees to please him but the warmth between your legs were hoping for something much different.

"Do you think you're in any position to command me?"

His tone lingered with a warning that left your blood humming in your veins. You shivered and nervously licked your lips. His chuckle was low as if he knew his teasing of you was rendering you powerless. The hand by his side reached under your dress, his fingertips were warm as they glided up your inner thigh coming to meet the sweet soft lips between your legs, covered by cotton panties. He looked you in the eyes, the tender lust they held was heart throbbing. You felt as if he was stealing air from your lungs just with that look. His finger pushed gently into the fabric feeling for the kernel that would drive you insane.

He pet you softly, your eyes rolled back as your chest rose and soft mews escaped your lips. Your hands, that had been shielding your chest a few seconds ago were now holding onto his shoulders. Your upper back leaned into the wall while your hips pushed towards his fingers more. Breathless is how he left you, falling into the deepest depths of ecstacy. Just with his touch, he was leading you into surrender. Your hips started to roll as if begging for more. You grabbed his hand that was playing with your delicate kitty. Your eyes opened and tried to focus on him while you encouraged his fingers to slip past your panties and feel the arousal that had built up from his teasing. Your heart beat faster, you lifted your dress more; he was watching you, drinking in the picture of you totally helpless and hungry for him.

He was always waiting for this moment. Your head was dazed as if you had drank far too much, you were drunk off the sensations. He was torturing you then his fingers dipped into you shallowly. Your heat tried to trap him inside, you whined and bit your lip.

"What's the matter? Not enjoying yourself?" He teased.

There was a smirk growing in his face. His perfect soft face, he looked scary but something about that turned you on. The seriousness of him was even more enticing. Your eyes were half closed your mouth was a gape to moan and you covered it just as the sound slipped out. His finger was deeper inside of you.

"Is that better?"

"Oh --god," you took in a sharp breath.

There was a ravenous hunger building inside of you that just wanted to jump him and yet you feared if you moved he'd deny you of everything you wanted in that moment. He hummed with satisfaction while you struggled not to rip your dress off.

"Y/N," he cooed your name as he leaned closer to your ear. "I'm going to devour you."

His teasing was over. He pulled you close, off the wall. He was rabid with passion now. He stripped you quicker than you could comprehend. Dropping your dress to the floor and pushing you to the bed. He took off the jean jacket he was wearing. There were soft candles in the bedroom as well. It was cold for a moment until, after discarding his clothes, his body covered yours. His engorged heat slid along your juciy folds, covering him in your juices. There was no need for a condom, not tonight. He plunged deep into your waters with one smooth stroke. He couldn't wait any longer. Neither could you.

A sea of pleasure crashed against your body with every move of his undulating hips. Passion rose higher and higher with each thrust. You were lost in the height of euphoria. He gripped your thighs and opened them more, his thumbs pressed into your soft flesh. Your nails bit at his arms, you let out salacious cries making him fall deeper into the throws of lust. He had been taken over by some beast, possessed and tasked with finding your breaking point. He was drawing life out of you, slapping his blazing organ into your hungry heat. He was eagar to reach that powerful climax that would leave you in euphoria, crying his name and leaving you babling incoherently.

"Y/N," He moaned.

Your name never sounded so sexy. His voice was rough as gravel but as delicious as wine. He wanted to please you so desperately; you knew he had ignited a fever in you that only he could quell. It was hard to speak aside from the occasional "oh god". Your voice was shaky, your limbs were getting weak as if your bones were replaced with jelly. You could no longer grip onto him. Your body surrendered to the exotic sensations over throwing you. Your body erupted below him, not being able to stand it any longer you pulled him down with the last hail Mary strength you had. Your lips molded with his as you melted beneath him. Your tongue attacked his in a state of fury. He moaned into your mouth, the sound erupting from his chest as if a lion was emerging from a cave with a thunderous roar.

He broke the kiss with ragged breaths. You could see his muscles tense, he looked down,


He was feeling it too. So close to that electric surge that would blow him out quickly. You squeezed around him tighter, locking your legs around his hips. His hand came behind your knee. Your chest rose up just as he buried his face between your two beautiful mounds. He sucked on your flesh not hidden behind the bra as if it were the only way to claim your heart. If he wanted it you would let him have it. You had no strength to fight for it. His reckless rhythm finally released his savage lust, overpowering him so much you could feel his entire body convulse above you. His heat twitched inside of you spraying your insides with his heat, all with the potential to impregnate you. His groans were deep and gravely, he dropped down, his chest was hot on your skin. It was comfortable laying beneath him.

"Jongmin," you whispered.

He hummed as a response, his energy as gone. Despite the slight claminess of his skin from working up a little sweat, his body was still hot.

"Goodnight," you whispered.

You smiled as you closed your eyes, fingers laced in his hair as you enjoyed the warmth of him on your body....

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