‘Big’ Dinner Shows Awkward Cast

A photo of a dinner with the cast and staff of KBS drama Big has been catching attention on various online forum. The photo has been online since May 25, when actress Choi Ran uploaded it onto her Twitter, but it is only now that people have been noticing it due to the awkwardness felt through the picture. At the front table, Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo are sitting side by side, but perhaps because the filming for the drama only began when the dinner took place, but there was an awkward vibe that came off from the way the actors were sitting next to each other. Also seen sitting next to Lee Min Jung was Baek Sung Hyun. Netizens commented, “Something about this picture is awkwardly hilarious,” “I love Gong Yoo’s red apron,” and “I guess things were awkward in the beginning for Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung.” Src: Enewsworld

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