Why is a Spray Tan Booth required for getting a good spray tan?

spray tan booth

Giving your customers the best possible experience is everything in the spray tanning business. Totally satisfied customers equals return customers which will keep them returning again and again

Why a spray tan booth is required to get a good tan


With a dedicated spray tan area such as a spray tan booth it allows you to have a greater control of your whole operation and give more natural looking results. This improves client satisfaction and enhances your reputation as an expert in the spray tan world

Prevents over-spray

Without a spray tan booth, it’s inevitable that over-spray will build up around the room as there is nothing to stop the excess spray. When spraying a sweeping motion is used and this naturally means there will be over spray. This does not indicate a professional attitude or a high degree of training

Air extraction

A quality spray tan boot will have an excellent extraction system that quickly removes any over-spray as it’s created. Although the compounds used in the air spray formulas are nontoxic and plant based, so they are safe, both on your skin and if you inhale a little they are not pleasant to breathe in so this should be avoided. The extraction system attached to your spray booth leaves the air fresh and clean with no remaining residue

Natural light replication

When creating the perfect tan a spray tan booth gives you lighting that’s almost the same as if you were outside under the sun. This allows you to see just what you’re doing and enables you to provide a natural looking effect every time

Easy to change filters

A quality spray tan booth is equipped with easy to change filters so you can ensure the air quality is good for both the applicator ant the person receiving the spray tan

Compatible spray gun

Spray tan booths come with a suitable spray gun design for fast, accurate application of the spray tan solution to ensure an even ultra fine spray that’s totally free of splatters, streaks and blotches.

The airbrush is made to be detachable so can also be used if you need to do a bit o mobile tanning

Perfect for home use or the professional salon a spray tan booth allows you a quick, easy all over spray tan without any mess or fuss. Designed for ease of use and a quick clean up they deliver the best results.

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