12 Chocolates til SmutMas (Day 3) 18+


DAY 10:

Rated 18:


Today was my day off, mostly because my boss founded out that I’ve been covering for people on the days I did have off. So I was forced to take my day off and he promise no one would be allow to call me in. Honesty I doubt he cared much. If it wasn’t for labor laws, he would let me work with no days off period.

I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself though. After I had caught up on my laundry, clean my apartment, and took a soothing bath. I still had the whole afternoon to fill and evening. I sat on my couch and stared at the chocolate calendar. She never gave me any rules regarding them. Just told me to enjoy myself. So here I am on my couch, wondering if it would be okay to eat Day 3’s chocolate.

I caved though and ate the 3rd chocolate. The flavor made me giggle, as the rice crisps crackled with each chew of the milk chocolate. To my surprise though it didn’t take me to my new date. I looked out the window, wondering if it only worked at night. That was until a knock came at my door.

Confused as to who would want to come visit me, I got up to check who it was knocking. When the door camera reveal it was Dean decked out in all winter gear, my hands cover my mouth. I ran to open the door, to be greeted by his beautiful warm smile, whilst rubbing his hands together.

“Come in, Come in.”

I instantly invited him in to get him out the cold, while secretly praying he was my date for the day. “You’re Y/N right? That woman's granddaughter?” He looked at me from head to toe, with a questionable expression.

“Yes that me, and kind of adopted.”

I inner self cheer in joy the moment he said that. He blinked his confusion away and held up a card. This appear on my kitchen counter. Its was an address from her, telling me to come here. So I’m assuming you ate your chocolate.” He said as the corner of his mouth twitched.

Could tell he was trying to keep a straight face, as I simply try not to hug him. “I didn’t think you would come to me though.” I said shyly as I looked away from him. “How about we get you in front of the heater. You look cold.” I said as I guided him towards the living room.

The moment I saw the chocolates, I ran to grab them and hide them behind my back. Dean chuckled as he took his jacket off. “Everyone that agree to your grandma's request is already fully aware of each other.” I shyly looked away before going to put the chocolates on top of my fridge.

“You’re friends with Simon Dominic right?”

He smirked at me, as he looked up from putting his jacket over the dining room chair. “Yeah, he already told me about you. If your grandma didn’t give us those three rules, he would of ran over here instead of me.” He chuckled as he informed me they had rules. I tilt my head confused that they had them but I didn’t. “She gave you rules? She didn’t give me any.”

I looked behind me at the chocolates. “It’s not bad, We just can’t claim you without your permission, and only after Christmas.” He informed me as he sat in front of the heater. “Plus we’re not allow to swap so 1 can have another date with you. We are to all get a turn. Other then that everything else is free game.”

I nodded my head before I sat beside him after draping a blanket over his shoulders. “So it really is like having a boyfriend for the day in a way.” He nodded his head, before moving to share the blanket with me. It made me feel all giddy when he welcome me to snuggle up closer.

“If it wasn’t so cold, I would so take you out to see my neighbor. We have this amazing bakery around the corner.” I said earning a soft smile from him. “Do they deliver?” I nodded my head to answer, before he pulled out his phone. “How about we order in then. Do you have hot chocolate? So we can make hot coco?” I saw where he was going with this.

I gave him the bakery menu before I went to make hot chocolate. Dean came over to watch me make my special hot coco, after he placed the bakery order. “Wait, you actually use milk?” He asked making me smile to myself as I got out a pot. “Yup, I fill the cup up with milk, and then pour it in the pot to warm it up. Just this time I’m doing to cups.”

I pulled out the chocolate bar I had in the fridge and started to shave it in the steaming milk, before pouring the coco powder into the matching mugs. An arm wrap around my waist when I reached for the mini marshmallows. “You make it look so easy and so yummy.” Dean rested his head on my shoulders, as he hugged me from behind.

“When it comes to hot coco, you got to put that extra love in it, or its not good enough.”

He chuckled as I put in the mini marshmallows in the mugs. “I just wish I had those break sticks that you use as straws for them. I escaped Dean’s embrace to get the milk when my doorbell rang. “I got it.” He said before he went to open the door. When he came back, to drop the bag carefully on the counter, I had put the finishing whip cream on top of the hot chocolate.

“You remember saying how you wish you had those specially straws that we could eat afterwards?”

I blinked before seeing Dean come over and place one in each mug. “You got them.” I cheered before wrapping my arms around him. “Great minds think alike, though you went that extra mile for the hot coco.” He said, as his arms wrap around my waist. “Well, I always promise myself that I would have this with my boyfriend.”

The grin on Dean’s face just made my heart skip a beat. “Well then I’m lucky to have a girlfriend as creative as you.” He pecked my cheek before he grabbed the hot chocolates, and I grabbed the bakery goods. We moved to the living room and play the Grinch. Both curled up under the blanket by the heater.

I snuggled up to Dean, when his arm wrap my shoulders, and his other hand help me drink the hot coco. I relaxed even more when he started to play with my hair a bit. “Did you noticed the macarons. They had amazing selection.” I looked up to see Dean nod his head towards the bag. I sat up to reach over to the table to see but froze when I felt a hand on my thigh.

Looking down, I saw dean had been holding my thigh, as chaos bomb went off in my head. “What’s the matter, Y/N?” I snapped out of it to look over at Dean’s concern filled eyes. “Sorry, I just got a bit excited from your touch, then instantly felt bad, for how the last to ended.” I looked away from him to find the macarons.

“You mean how you felt with them?”

I closed my eyes tight as I started to feel a bit dirty for wanting to sleep with Dean too. “I didn’t really intend for it, I just started doing something I really wanted to do, but I have you and 9 more days. If I sleep with all of you, I might start to feel disgusted with myself for hoeing threw the days.” I held the bag close to my body to stop myself from shaking.

Dean pulled me into his arms and kissed the top of my head. “You are not a slut, Y/N. If you sleep with all of us, then oh well it happen.” I just buried myself in his embrace as I felt my self e-steam slowly shattering. “Just do what you want and feels right. Cause what I was told about you. You really don’t get treated correctly.” I looked up at Dean, as he petted my head.

“These 12 days are for you to be selfish with possibly your favorite artists. I don’t think we’re all going to get upset that you slept with us all. Cause at least we know you are showing us how you would treat your lover.”

I smiled at Dean before I peck his lips. “Thank you for help me stop myself e-steam breakdown.” The light in his eyes made my heart feel so warm, as I got up to run to my bathroom. I came back with a brush and held it with both hands. Dean just chuckled before he pulled out his hair and moved to sit on the floor. I cheered before sitting behind him and started to play with Dean’s hair.

“The way you face lit up when you were going to ask, was adorable by the way.” I could feel the heat rushing to my face as I happily started to braid his hair in rows. “I couldn’t hold it in anymore. You have such long and beautiful hair. How could I not want to play with it.”

All I heard was a chuckle before he let me have my fun. Soon enough I could hear Dean softly snoring as his head rested on my thigh. He made this whole day with him feel so safe and warm. Not once did he try to get in my pants either. Though I wanted to get into his pants. I lean down and kissed Dean on the cheek and let him rest.

I finished the Grinch and started to watch Last Christmas next, when Dean yawn and own up. He looked back at me and smiled warmly before getting up and pouncing on me. He started tickling me until I couldn’t breathe. He stop soon enough to let me catch air again, only to take it away again with his lips.

Dean’s plan finally seem to come into play as he held my waist and pulled me into a chocolately make-out sessions. I couldn’t deny how much I wanted this because he was right. All these artists were my boyfriend for a day. We could do anything, but I needed to buy some condoms and be on top of my birth control. If I want to be smart about it.

He pulled away to look me in the eyes as he smirked. “Surprised you didn’t find this when I was sleeping?” I raised an eyebrow when Dean reached in the cushions and pulled out a condom. My hand cover my mouth, stun that he hid that on me. “I hid it as a test. I actually like that you aren’t easy to sleep with, unlike most girls.” I raised an eyebrow as my ego was hit.

He brushed my hair behind my ear as he kissed my forehead. “You actually do care about us and feel a guilt when you already slept with two of us. That is just going to make us want to be one with you even more.” I felt so confused as to what he was trying to get at with this statement.

Dean gripped my chin gently before crushing his lips against mine. “I want you so much right now, it’s not even funny.” He whispered softly after he broke the kiss. “Please. Allow me to make love to you. Cause I want you to be mine and mine alone tonight.” Before I could say anything, he started a tongue war with me. It was so heated that I was feeling clouded.

His hands was exploring inside my pants and started to rub my sex know that was going to aid in his mission. I grabbed his arms and broke the kiss to see clearer. “You need an answer, or this isn’t consensual sex.” He froze as I saw the fear dance in his eyes. He pulled his hand out of my pants an sat back on the couch.

“I am so sorry.”

Dean hung his head as I noticed he really didn’t just want my body. He wanted me, and I mean as his girlfriend, his lover. I took his hand in my own, earning his attention, whilst smiling warmly. “You have my permission, my sweet and loving boyfriend.” His eyes lit up so bright, they could have been stars in the night sky.

He was all over me in seconds, and our clothes fly off the next. I don’t even recall seeing him put he condom on before he enter me. All I knew was the pleasure he had sent through my core. My apartment became so very warm with how we went at it. He had me on the couch, over the coffee table, on the floor, over the counter of my kitchen. Ending up in the bedroom wrapped in each other’s arms.

“Well that was mind blowing.”

Dean chuckled as I looked up at him, my head resting on his chest. “Dean, so you know, I actually am seeing you as my boyfriend today, and I’m glad I spent my day off with you.” He smiled down at me, before bringing me up to kiss him softly. “I would have been alright if you said no to love making with me, but I’m glad you saw that as a normal boyfriend/girlfriend thang.”

I snuggled up to him and play with his hair as he return the favor. “I’m so sorry I won’t be waking up next to you tomorrow. But I would love to fall asleep next to you tonight.” I nodded my head before we both drifted off to sleep.

My last thought being, who was going to be my boyfriend tomorrow. Will he want to sleep with me too.

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