10 Best Reverse Skin Fade Haircuts

reverse fades are easily created regardless of hair type

High, Flat Top, Angled Temple Fade

The hair on the top is cut flat but remains four to 10 inches tall in length. The hair along the sides and back is much shorter but blends well into the top. Sharp triangular edges are created in the temple area and repeated in the middle of the back. The hair is cut extremely short to the scalp at the mid hairline. But, slightly more hair remains along the bottom of the hairline, which mirrors the sharp-pointed triangle in the rear.

Shaved Part and Beveled Edges

The cut is striking thanks to the lightened hair and exposed darker roots. The top length is long enough to encourage a comb-over, which is demarcated on one side with a sharp, shaved part. The high reverse fade curves gently from the temple down to the nape of the neck. The edges are beveled to reveal the contrasting color.

High Temper Fade with Geometric Pattern

The top hair is approximately one-inch in length and gradually shortens to above the temples, which is then underlined with a shaved line. A stark geometric pattern is sculpted from one side to the other, which is underlined by another shaved line. Short hair appears around the bottom of the scalp to create contrast.

Fawxhawk Pompadour with Angled Lines

long mohawk

Short Angled Reverse Fade

The reverse fade has a short top, which extends to the rear where it angles sharply downward to one side. A shaved cross appears in the mid-scalp region, which is mirrored with longer hair rising from the lower fade. The sides and nape have sharp angled accents.

Part and Artistic Embellishments

The top remains high and features multiple colors. A shaved part appears on one side. The low fade travels down the sides and back to reveal drip-like accents. The rear has an off-center angled line that travels to the other side. The lower hairline matches the angled pattern.

High Thick Spiked-up Fade

The longer hair on the top combs forward and spikes upward. A shaved line encircles the crown. Two more lines parallel the first with a distance between each line of approximately one-half to one inch.

High Messy Fade with Sharp Angles

The top hair is approximately two to three inches in length and gelled to create soft messy waves. The fade curves along the side to create a sharp downward triangle in the rear. A shaved region follows the pattern, which is repeated with slightly longer hair along the lower sides and neck nape.

High Spiked Angled Fade

gentle upward spikes

Designer Taper Fade

The top of the afro is longer and left natural while gradually tapering downward. A sharp but gentle sloping curve begins at the bottom of the taper and travels around the head, but not before forming a sideways peak in the rear.

High Fade with Braids and Artistic Lines

The very top of the head features long braids gathered together to form a top knot. The hair fades at varying lengths along the sides and back to create sharp angles at the temples and lines to the rear. The sculpt continues into the beard.

Enhanced Wet Look Fade

glistening appearance of being wet

Modified Spiked Mohawk

The hair at the very top of the head is left at approximately two to three inches in length. The hair is combed forward with the front section spiking upward. A sharp, shaved line accents the top piece. A bare spot appears just below the crown in the back. The Mohawk continues below the bare spot and down to the neck nape. But, the hair is combed down smoothly. The sides are slightly longer and angled at the temples. The beard also has a neat reverse fade with an angle at the jawline.

Sharply Angled High Fade

midsection is shaved bald

Spiked and Scalloped Reverse Fade

The crown features spikes that are roughly two inches in length. The high fade accentuates the hairline down the sides to the back. The sides have a thin wisp of a sideburn. From the ear, the hair is shaved to form a curve and two scallops in the back just beneath the crown. The nape of the neck features three angles tufts of hair.

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