When Should You Apply For Depression Disability Benefits?

Are you among the thousands of Americans who are suffering because of depression? Is your depression severe enough to restrict you from accomplishing your everyday tasks? Depression, also called a major depressive disorder, has several levels of severity.

You might have to take expensive antidepressants that can lead to some side effects, or you might be unresponsive to any treatment and not able to function. It becomes unbearable when you have to suffer from a financial setback in addition to depression. But one benefits can help in such conditions. You might be eligible for Disability Benefits for Depression.

As because most of the claims are denied by the Government even though people are titled to social security benefits, it's better to hire a Social Security Disability lawyer. It will help you to know whether you will receive those benefits or not.

Are you eligible for Getting Disability Benefits?

Depression distress every people in a whole different way; therefore, you need to know that SSA or Social Security Administration will only decide whether you are eligible for benefits or not in cases where it affects your capability to work and make a living out from it. There are specific criteria set by the Social Security Administration to know whether an individual is eligible for getting benefits or not.

Criteria set by SSA are

•Your depression is preventing you from working.

•Depression should have lasted for a minimum of one year.

•Is life-threatening?

Suppose you meet the criteria set by Social Security Administration. In that case, you have to apply, but you have to keep in mind that the whole process of claiming is very complicated and confusing. The administration will review the entire application for

•A precise diagnosis of your depression.


•Medications, if any, and their side effects

•Other disabilities as well as mental health conditions.

•Recovery time

You must be visiting a doctor and remain on par with the prescribed plan for treatment. Without it is very likely that your claim might get rejected for disability benefits. In addition to all this, the administration might check to know whether you have paid for the social security system in five years.

With so many people applying for SSD benefits, the Government is already flooded with so many claims. This is the reason they deny a large number of applications that they receive. By hiring a reputed lawyer, you can easily tip up the scales in your favor.

How can an experienced lawyer help you in providing some of the best strategies for every case?

Disability Benefits for Depression

•Careful analysis of the reason that has been given for getting denial for your claim.

•Firm up the medical evidence for your disability by referring you to some good psychiatrist or any other mental health specialist. In short words, a reputed lawyer will develop your case for all significant benefits depending on a mix of depression and other disabilities that contribute to its severity and duration.

Disability Lawyers In Texas

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