12 Chocolates til SmutMas (Day 4) 18+


DAY 9:

Rated 18:


I wished I didn’t work today now. My co-workers were annoy with me because they had to work on my day off. It’s like they actually went out of their way to make sure I never had a day off in my life. So they made world a living hell today. I yawn as I shuffled into my apartment when chocolate magically appear in my mouth. I just blinked as I tried to see who fed me an orange crème fill chocolate.

Instead, I found myself in a random building hallway in front of a door. A card appears in my hand.

Nihao Y/N,

I saw you were having a bad day. So I sent you personally on your next date.

Knock on the door when you’re ready. He is expecting you.

-Love Ms. Clause


I looked back up at the door in front of me, but when I went to knock. Loco of AOMG open the door with a huge grin on his face. “Y/N you made it.” I was stunned to see it was him, that I allow him to grab my hand and pull me into his apartment.

“Your grandma text me that you would be coming over straight from work. Even told me you had a bad day.”

We stopped in the living room, after taking off our shoes at the door. “Wait here.” He said before going off into his room. He came out with a gift bag, and gave it to me, after introducing me to a prepared soaking bathtub with bubbles and floating rose petals. “What better way to unwind from your day then a bubble bath.”

I turned to look at Loco, feeling touched he thought this would help me feel better. His smile grew bigger when I pecked his cheek. “Inside if a change of clothes, there is a bathrobe on the back of the door.” He moved the door to show me. “I’ll be back in five with snacks and a glass of wine.”

Loco was mind-blowingly sweet. I didn’t expect any of this, or even to be ambushed at my own home, tonight. He gently stuck me in the bathroom, and closed the door, as he went to set up the snacks and wine. No way I could reject his kind gesture. So I happily stripped down and tied up my hair before I got into the tub. The water temperature was just right too.

He came back after a soft knock, and slowly open the door. I could feel he was blushing as he avoided looking towards the tub. “How’s the water?” I giggled at how adorable Loco was being. “It’s perfect. You really didn’t have to do this for me but thank you still.” I said whilst leaning over to rest my arms on the edge, so it coved the part of me that was exposed.

Loco came and set up a small table tray by me, before placing the glass of wine and apple slices down. I took one of the apple slices though and held it up to offer him the first bite. We finally made eye contact as he noticed my gesture towards him. He smiled softly before biting into the apple piece. He kissed my fingertips when it took the last piece.

“I’ll let you have your privacy.”

He stood up, making me feel sad he wasn’t going to stay. “Come out to the living room when you’re ready.” Loco turn around to smile at me before closing the door. I looked around the bathroom and felt an overwhelming save of sadness wash over me.

No one has ever done something like this before. Not even my own family. Tears started to roll down my cheeks as I hid my face in my hands. I did my best to muffle my crying, but I seem to have failed when Loco came in to check on me.

“Y/N, what’s the matter?”

I looked up to see him already by my side with a face cloth, so he could wipe away my tears. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin this. I’m just not used to someone going to this level of kindness without expecting something in return. Even just this level of kindness alone.” Loco looked at me with sad eyes, as he petted my head.

“You really have it rough don’t you.” I just nodded my head and looked down at the floating rose petals. Loco kissed the top of my head, before getting the bathrobe. “How about for now we get you out of that tub. Dinner is already for us too.” He said as he held up and open the robe, whilst looking away from me and the mirror.

I really couldn’t help but smile at how shy and polite. I carefully got out of the tub and allow him to help me put the robe on. He rubbed my arms and shoulders as I tied the robe. He even play with my hair a bit, as he fixed my bun. “What do you do for work anyways.”

“I work in the mall, but I’m a floater. So who ever store needs an extra hand, I go to them. Get’s a bit more hectic during the holidays.”

Loco took me to his living room, where he turn the coffee table into a dinning table, with pillows around it for us to sit on. When I took my seat, he place a blanket over my legs, and rubbed them over the blanket. “Let me guess, you have co-workers that take advantage of you, which results in you getting in trouble with management.” I looked down at my hands and nodded my head. “And when they can’t do that, they get mad at me and make work hell.”

He held me in his arms and rubbed my back. “After all these dates, even if you don’t choose me. Hit me up, let me help you find a better job. You don’t deserve to be treated like that.” I smiled and snuggled up to him. I am already looking for a better job, but if he’s okay with it, I would gladly place him as a reference.

It was so warm being in his arms and made me blush when he kissed the top of my head. “Let’s have some food and get to know each other better.” I agreed with him and started to eat the steak dinner he made for us. Loco was an amazing person and my admiration for him just grew even more as we learn more about each other.

“So you’re a dog lover.” He asked before getting up to open his bedroom door. An all-white fluffy dog came running over to sniff and lick me. I laughed softly as I picked it up and petted the dog. “I knew you would love them.” Loco said as he sat beside me. I held the dog up for a side by side and giggled.

“Yup you’re the father.”

We both laughed as he talked more, whilst I play and petted the dog. When the food was finished, he moved the plates to the kitchen sink. I yawn lightly and the puppy joined me.

“Someone a sleepy puppy.”

I gave a light chuckle when Loco sat back beside me and handed the bag from before to me. “Go get dress, and then we’ll watch a movie in bed.” This man was seriously a dream come true. I was becoming more and more grateful Ms. Clause ambushed me the way she did. I got up and changed into white lace underwear, and a very long hoody that I felt like I was swimming in. I wasn’t complaining cause I always loved hoodies that were too big and went to my knees.

Loco was staring as the heat show itself on his face when I came out the bathroom. He just took a deep breath as he finish checking me out. “You okay?” He blinked and then finally made eye contact. “How am I just now meeting you?” I tilted my head confused, before he pulled me into his embrace.

“Hyuk woo…” After the long talks he had, he allow me to use his real name, but I was still very confused. “I don’t want to share you with the other anymore.” He petted my head as he held me. “You’re beauty on the inside shines on the outside. I could, I would make you my wife in a heartbeat.”

I pulled away to kiss his cheek for his sweet words. “You know you made my day so much better. I am so glad I got to have any time with you.” He just looked me in the eyes as if he was searching for something. “You’re doing your best to stay bias, so that no one has to compare to the others.” He called me out on my thinking.

“Yes, I have to be in order to fully enjoy the gift I got, and I’ll admit it’s a bit hard.” I have a faint smile, as I finally wrap my arms around his neck, and have our foreheads touch. “Especially when I have amazing dates like you.” He peck the tip my nose as his reply.

“You’re actually the first person to show this much concern and affection to me. I am extremely grateful for all of this.”

The passion behind Loco's eyes made me feel the butterflies in my stomach. “Well then let me continue showing you all that you deserve.”

His hands found their way under my hoody, and pulled me up by my thighs. Making my legs wrap around his hips. I forgot he had been working out until he picked me up. His lips were so very sweet, when they brushed against mine. It was like this man was made out of candy. He never stop being gentle the whole time.

Loco carefully laid me on my back, without breaking our kiss. I release my hold on his hips, but his hands stay, rubbing my thighs, until his fingers interlocked with my panties. He broke the kiss to have his lips trail down my jawline towards my neck. Distracting me from him taking my panties off. I only noticed when he pulled away to start kissing from my calf, to my thigh. I got shy and when to try and stop him, but he just catch on of my hands and kissed each finger. After his peck the pinky, he dove down between my legs to have his tongue toy with me.

I ended up running my fingers through his hair as I closed my eyes and my breathing became panting. He knew what he was doing, and it was driving me wild. I was so close to my climax, that I whimpered when he pulled away. I looked up at Loco panting heavily, to see him licking his lips. “Don’t worry, I want that orgasm to be epic for you.”

He didn’t give me time to speak. He had my hoody already exposing my breast the moment he slid inside of me. He had one hand rubbing my clit, the other massage my breast. His mouth latched on the other breast, whilst thrusting at a smooth pace. My body was so confused by the amount of pleasure, my mind stop functioning. I was a mewing mess, moaning his name here and there.

Eventually his lips found their way home to mine, allowing him to pick up the pace. Sending my body into hits highest climax I have ever experienced in my life. He held me close, as he help me ride it out until he climax soon after.

Loco made sure after he clean up, that I was in his arms and snuggle up warmly beside him. My head resting on his chest to hear his heart. “Thank you for the best date ever.” I whisper to him, earning his embrace to tighten before I drift off to sleep. Wishing this day could keep going. I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow.

Only thing to look forward to is the next date.

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