Important Things To Know About Ativan Before Its Consumption

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Ativan generic-

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Ativan dose-

The dosage of this medication will be based on several aspects. It includes the following-

1- Your age

2- The type and severity of the condition

3- The form of Ativan you consume

4- Other medical problems you may experience

Your physician will start you on the small amount of dose and adjust it overtime to reach the actual dose which is right for you. They will ultimately prescribe the dose in a smaller proportion that provides the desired outcome.

The following information describes the dose which is usually recommended or used. But on your part, you must be sure to only take the dose that your doctor prescribes you. Your doctor will figure out the best dose that could suit you according to your exact needs.

Drugs form & strength-

The solution of IV- 2mg per ml, 4mg per ml

Tablet- 0.5mg, 1mg and 2mg

General dose details-

The standard dosage for the Ativan tablet is 2mg – 6mg. This amount is divided and taken 2-3 times daily.

Dose for anxiety-

Dose for insomnia because of stress/anxiety-

Dose for IV Ativan-

Special dose consideration-

Old people and people with specified physical conditions may need to begin up with a low dose. This may be 1-2mg, taken 2-3 times daily for anxiety or once during bedtime for insomnia.

What to do if I miss a dose?

If you forgetfully miss taking a dose, you need to take it soon. In case if it’s just a few hours until your upcoming dose, skip taking the missed one and take the next one to set the time. Don’t try to catch up taking two doses simultaneously. It may lead to having very bad effects on your health.

Ativan uses-

FDA approved drugs for curing certain health conditions. Ativan is approved for curing several conditions. It is often used off-label for a purpose that isn’t approved by the FDA.

Ativan for anxiety-

Ativan for sedation throughout surgery-


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