12 Chocolates til SmutMas (Day 6) 18+


DAY 7:

Rated 18:


I’m not used to having so much free time. So this time I just simply escaped my apartment, as a lemon filled chocolate melted in my mouth. It was day 6, and I learn it was much sweeter then bitter with the chocolate coating. I just hope when he show up, I could finally show them how a king should be treated. Since they were all so sweet for willing being part of these amazing Christmas gift.

I step around the corner of a small shopping area, to be halted by a present being shoved in front of me. I blinked before I looked up to see Monster Woo with a toothpick between his lips. “You’re y/n, right?” I just nodded my head, before he place the present in my hands. I looked down at the gift then back at him so confused, yet mentally praying he was the date.

“Go ahead, open it.”

He smirked as he watched me open the box, to see an extremely beautiful hand knitted scarf. Woo pulled it out and wrapped it around my neck. “Your date happens to be my friend and wearing the matching scarf. He’s said you might like to pay a game of hide and seek.” I hid half my face in the scarf to muffle my chuckle and hide my blush.

“He said start at the café.” He pointed out with his thumb. I gave Woo a smile before I went to the café. I spotted the matching scarf right away, and stumbled back into Woo, from the shock of my date being Christian fucking Yu. Woo had caught me my shoulder and arched an eyebrow.

“You okay?”

I just nodded my head as he help me stand up. My mind was just blown. Not only did I get to meet the sexiest angel in devil clothing, but an actual angel in the café. Christian looked up and smiled at me, as I hid my face in the scarf. “I think I’m going to cry.” I said softly but Woo heard me and looked concern. He even turned around to wave at Christian to come over to us.

He came out to see what was wrong, as I internally scream. There wasn’t a woman alive who didn’t wish they were me right now. This man was beautiful inside and out. Christian just smiled warmly at me and petted my head. “Are you going to be okay, Y/N?”

I just shook my head knowing full well I wasn’t going to be okay. I held up my fingers, before going to the back ally and screaming my lungs out. The tears came rushing down my face, as I thank Ms. Clause for even allowing me to meet this man. I came back over to the curious men, as I cover my mouth and nose with my scarf.

“Dude, I think she just fan girl over you.” Woo said to Christian, as he kept smiling and whip away my tears. “I fan girl over both of you. I’m only one of many girls that dream of even meeting just one of you. Yet here I am blessed to have met both and have a date with Christian.”

They both were smiling at me now, and my heart felt like it was going to explode. Christian turn to Woo, as he wrapped his arm around my waist. “You know that means, she actually might take my offer to have her work for DPR, Woo. Which means you and I get to make her day every day.” He said, reminding me of the offer, sending me into shock.

Because he was right, I was going to get to see these two beautiful creatures on a daily basis. I squeal in front of them, earning their attention and smiles. I just hid in the scarf after hearing them both laughed. “She so fucking adorable.” I looked up at Woo after he commented on cute, I was in his eyes.

“She had to be your date, damn.”

Christian was smirk before Woo said bye to us both and walked away. I shyly looked up at Christian, who’s attention was now on me. “I want to kiss you so badly right now.” He said amused as I knew my eyes going big entertain him. “How about I give you a tour of DPR. This way you know what you’re getting yourself into.”

I nodded my head, as he took one of my hands. Allowing me to use the other one to hide half my face. Surprisingly, the company was close by, which meant it was close to home. He really had me thinking of taking his job offer, after he gave me the tour and introduced me to everyone. This included DPR Cream, Rem and Live as well.

They were all amused at my failed attempt to control my inner fan girl side. Christian brought me to a studio room, that had a meal set on the coffee table next to the couch in the room. “I actually live in the apartment above the company too. So we can kick it down here for a while.” He said before plopping down on the couch and running his fingers through his hair.

“I swear you are like that bad boy with an amazing heart every girl falls in love within the movies.”

He chuckled at my statement before beckoning for me to come join him on the couch. “So, did you like the place? As you can see, we’re more layback than most places. Yet, we take our craft serious.” I nodded my head as I saw down with a cushion between us.

Christian tilt his head and arched an eyebrow. The corner of his lips twitching as he restrain his own smirk. “You know I’m human too.” I looked at him as if he hadn’t looked in a mirror or heard his own voice. “I know, but have you seen yourself. Your looks are having the sun’s ray of light kiss someone skin. Then your voice is like the chocolate I had that was assign to you. Sweet and melting away like butter.”

He chuckled and smiled brightly before he reach out to grab my hand. He then the back of my hand to his lips. “What about the person behind all of that. Does he get a chance to woo you over too.” Before I could answer him, he pulled me by my waist onto his lap. My breath was caught in my throat, as I felt my heart speeding up.

“How about giving me a chance to know you and vice versa.”

I nodded my head before he started a game of 21 questions with me. I learn he loved to travel a lot and saw the world in a whole different way then normal person would. The whole time he was rubbing my arm or my back. Not once did he let me move away from his lap. I think my squirming though has started a party in his pants.

“You need to stop moving so much, or else I’m going to have to show you how much of a bad boy I really am.”

He knew my body went stiff, after he said those words, but we never broke eye contact. I then wiggled on purpose and smiled at him. Christian laughed before tackling me to the couch and pinning my arms above my head. “You are so adorable, so how can I not devour you.”

I just smiled brightly as he lifted my shirt over my bra. He took a deep breath and licked his lips. “Damn, I want you to work for me, I really do, but girl I rather make you my wife along with this amazing body.” I nervously chuckled at his comment, but it was cut short by his sweet and sour lips. I knew the sour taste was from the cigs he smoked.

Yet, they were still sweet like his soul. He started to trail down my neck and moved towards my covered breast. Smoothly he used one hand to unfasten my bra, before latching on to one of them. He didn’t move on to the other until a moan escaped my lips.

He even pulled down my leggings with my panties, Damn, it was so gentle and aggressive at the same time. It was the world’s biggest turn on. I would allow him to consume me everyday of my life from how much bliss I was in at this moment. “If you didn’t have other dates still, you would so definitely be my woman.” He whispered in my ear before he slipped himself inside of me.

I gasp at the motion as I try to break my hands free to touch him. He smirked at me as pecked my lips. “Aw, does my kitten not like being held down.” He knew what was doing because he thrusted in me before I could answer.

Every time I went to say something, he would catch my tongue with is own. I was at his mercy, and honestly wasn’t caring at all. He was making sure I wasn’t too loud, whilst taking away the pleasure of running my fingers through his hair. The second he got serious about his thrust, he let go of my hands.

They were all over his back and in his hair once they were free. “Damn I was afraid of those hands of yours.” He moaned as he kept up his pace of thrust. “Damn your touch is like heaven.” His lips locked on mine as he started to pound hard until we climax together.

Christian was covering my face in kisses as he nuzzle the name of my neck. He took his time breaking the bond we created from fucking each other. So that he could help me get back dress again. Only after he put his pants back on and fixed his shirt.

He grabbed my chin gently after I finished putting my shirt back on, to make me look at him. Christian rubbed his thumb along my lower lip, before pecking them. “I’m taking you upstairs, because I swear, I need more of you” He wasn’t kidding at all either.

Once we got up stairs to his apartment, he had me pinned against the wall and started making out with me. We ended up going at it like rabbits all over the apartment. Making love to Christian was how I spent the entire day away.

Christian was petting my head as I started to wonder if I really needed to open the next day chocolate. Though yes, I was looking forward to my next date too.

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