Problem Related to Digestion & Stomach Inflammation

The statistics show that one out of three people of every age group gets affected by digestive problems and stomach inflammation. Around 30% of pediatric issues are related to the digestive system like stomach pain, abdominal pain, constipation, and vomiting, etc.

Why digestive problems occur?

digestive systems

Problems related to digestion:

Stomach Inflammation (Gastritis):

There are various causes of stomach inflammation few of them are

1) Too much alcohol intake

2) Certain medications

3) Chronic Stress

4) Microbe infection

Few symptoms of stomach inflammation are stomach pain, hiccups, Nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite, blood in vomit or stool.

Nausea or vomiting:



Less intake of water, lack of regular exercise, and lack of fiber-rich foods, fruits, raw vegetables, etc. result in constipation.



Another reason is the infection of helicobacter bacteria. This bacterium is widespread in developing countries with poor hygiene conditions.

Acid Reflux/GERD:

IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome):

Symptoms of IBS

Quick ways to get relief:

To remove trapped gas

Do some walk to relieve trapped gas

Gently massage the area of pain

Specific Yoga poses: Pawanmuktasana

To get relief from heartburn and indigestion or abdominal pain:

Cinnamon with honey helps in neutralizing peptic acidity.

Powdered cloves with 1 tablespoon honey.

To get relief from Gastric Ulcer & Constipation:

Eat ginger. Ginger is gastro-protective

Eat food rich in flavonoids like Berries and Red Cabbage.

Stay Hydrated:

Relief from GERDS symptoms:




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