Limousine (+18) Day 9

Who: Song Minho (Mino) X Reader

What: Smutastic

Story: N/A

"Y/N! You have to come out here! This party is great!"

"No thank you Mino," you said.

"Aw come on don't be such a party pooper!"

"You're doing plenty of partying for the both of us Mino. Don't stay out too late tonight."

He was about to say something else but you hung up the phone before he could. A few moments later your phone began to ring again which only made you laugh. Mino loved to party and when he got into the club and started drinking he was a real wild child. You were in your car getting driven home. You were assigned as public relations manager, that meant trying to keep the boys images intact. Actually, to be more specific, you were foreign public relations since you came from America and the company was trying to expand Winner the same way they did BTS and BlackPink. You also played a part in that happening. Sometimes the work load was so much you wished you kept your mouth shut and Mino didn't make it any easier.

The two of you weren't an official thing but he had a little crush. Most times you shot him down and other times you would appease him just for the sake of getting him to calm down. It was much like a friends with benefits relationship, over time his crush dissipated or at least it seemed too, so you two hooked up only when the the itch was so persistent that it needed to be scratched.

Your phone was ringing off the hook and all you did was watch it light up with Mino's name. Your driver looked at you in the mirror,

"You know you're going to answer him," He teased.

"Not this time. I have an important meeting tomorrow and Song Minho will not ruin that."

"He seems to depend on you a lot miss. Is it really okay to ignore him?"

"He's a grown man, he'll figure it out. Plus the boys are with him, I'm sure they wouldn't let him do anything stupid."

Your driver dropped you off at home and you got ready for bed and went to sleep. It was about one in the morning when your phone started going off again. You turned on the light and grabbed it without looking to see who called.


"Y/N-ah! You have to get to Sunset now!"

"Mr. Yoo? It's one o'clock in the morning can't this wait?"

"No! It's Mino. He's causing a scene at the club. I need you to get him."

You groaned,

"Why me?"

"Because he listens to you better than me when he's that drunk, besides you live closer to the club. Please Y/N, this could ruin his image."

You sighed while sitting up. You were sure he was being over dramatic but you agreed to go get him anyway. You called your driver to come and pick you up and you got dressed. By the time you got downstairs he was already there, parked out front with a limousine. You looked at him confused,

"A limo Mr.Lee?"

"Yoo Si Mon sent it as a big thank you."

He opened the door for you and you rolled your eyes at the fact that Manager Yoo knew you'd say yes anyway. You wondered why he was even awake. Maybe the boys called him because they couldn't handle Mino themselves. It took about fifteen minutes to get to the club and you opened the door seeing Jin Woo trying to pull drunken idiot Mino out of the club.

"Get him in here," you said.

Mino groaned heavily drunk but when he leaned against you he said your name, recognizing who you were in his drunken haze.

"Coming along Jin Woo?" You asked.

"No, there's someone still inside I was talking to."

"Go get her tiger."

You winked at him and he chuckled before closing the door. Mino groaned again and Mr.Lee started to drive.

"Where to?" He asked.

"His place, I'll drop him off and then I'm going back to bed."

"Of course ma'am."

There was something smart in his response and even the smile he gave you that made your eyes narrow towards him. He chuckled a little as you hit the button to raise the divider. Mino turned his head so that he could kiss the little bit of your exposed collarbone.

"Y/N," he moaned.

"What were you thinking getting sloppy drunk Mino? We've talked about this."

"I would've controlled myself if you came."

"Don't use me as an excuse. You're grown enough to know your limits."

"I'm reaching my limit," he said.

He was snuggling up to you more and you looked at him a little confused.

"What is that supposed to mean?" You said.

He toppled onto you and opened his eyes. They were so dark, more from being drunk than being turned on but you could feel him rub against your leg. He was hard, it didn't take long for you to figure out what he was thinking about. He started to lean down to kiss you and as your lips locked he started to massage your breast through your sweater. You tried not to moan but you were weak when he touched your breast. His tongue slithered like a snake in your mouth but he smelled heavily of whiskey, that smokey smell like he had been hanging around a fire pit. You didn't have time to sleep with him tonight but to get him under control you wanted to appease him just a little. You broke the kiss and said,

"Minho get up."


"I'll use my mouth," you assured him.

His eye were half closed, his drunkenness was probably making him think he was just dreaming. You didn't say things like that to him often and you two were in a limo, it wasn't like you to suggest doing it somewhere so public even if the windows were tinted. You placed your hands on his shoulders and pushed him up against the seat. You slid down and made your way between his legs. You looked up at him as he watched you undo his pants and push the front of his briefs down so that you could reveal him to you.

The look in his eyes was how you imagined Eros looked a Psyche, pure unadulterated lust. Carnal desire that was pushing to the surface. Normally you'd warn him to be quiet but at the moment you didn't care if Mr.Lee heard him moan. You just wanted to get him off and get him to bed. You wondered if he'd remember in the morning. You smiled at him then waisted no time to capture him in your mouth. Your lips wrapped around his warm length while your tongue glided along his shaft. You moved slow, sucking lightly. He drank so much you were sure he wouldn't taste good but it was too late to back out now.

Your hand slid up and down his length while you bobbed your head. You were getting into it, you started moaning on his hot sex and Mino's head was thrown back against the chair. His eyes were squeezed shut and his hands were in your hair, feeling the movement of your head while you delivered him the sweetest of pleasures. You wouldn't have done this with anyone else, perhaps there was a part of you that liked Mino enough to do this for him. This unspoken agreement between you two might cost you your job but at least if the company found out they'd be reluctant to go public with that information. At most they may say that you two were in a relationship when you weren't.

You made a popping sound as you came up from giving him head. He looked down at you almost like he was wondering why you stopped. He guided your head back to him, pushing your mouth all the way down and holding you there without a second thought. He started to thrust himself in your mouth and all you could do was breath through your nose to keep from suffocating. The limo stopped for a moment, perhaps for a traffic light. You heard a car beside you with music bumping from it loudly. The windows must've been down. The whole city seemed to be partying.

"Y/N. Focus on me," he said

You must've been getting lazy with your movements. You let your tongue whirl around his shaft, you sucked a little harder and then took him back in your hands. You stroked his hardened member while you licked at his jewels below. You sucked them in your mouth gently and let your tongue cover them with your saliva completely. He grabbed your hair and pulled you back and kissed you on the mouth. It actually shocked you that he did that but perhaps because he was drunk he hadn't realized what he had done. He was kissing you hard, making your lips swell. His kiss was feverish showcasing his insatiable hunger for your lips.

"I want you," he whispered on your lips.

"Not tonight."

With that rejection, he kissed you again as if to convince you of his need. That he absolutely had to be inside you. You partly wanted it. Your folds started to moisten at the thought of him sliding inside of you. How terribly errotic it would be to have him fuck you in this limo. You broke the kiss again; you had to think straight. You couldn't give into his inner demon, that drunken incubus inside of him begging for a good fuck.

"Just sit back and enjoy this."

You wrapped your lips around his head and gave slow licks with the tip of your tongue. You sucked lightly earning a deep groan from his throat. He ran his fingers in your hair and pulled on it lightly as he moaned.

"Don't stop Y/N."

You extended your tongue down his shaft and pressed the tip of your tongue against it, tracing a line from the bottom. You wrapped your hand around his sex again and started to jerk him off while you picked up the pace with sucking him. He was panting, his eyes were closed and mouth agape. The muscles in his legs tightened as the fever grew and the tension became stronger.

"Gonna- come," he warned.

You soon felt his hot streams shoot in the back of your throat and you quickly swallowed in an effort not to taste him for very long. He looked down at you after releasing a heavy sigh and he said,

"Thank you."

"You have work tomorrow Mino. You need to get your rest."

The limo came to a stop again and you had already buttoned his pants up again and cleaned up your hands and mouth. You assisted him to his place and unlocked his door. You had to practically drag him into his flat but once you did you laid him on the bed and placed two pills on his dresser with some water for when he woke up the next morning. When you got back in the limo Mr.Lee said,

"Home Ms.Y/N?"

"Yes Mr.Lee."

By the after the next day, Mino had texted you asking if you had taken him home last night. When you answered yes, he just said thank you. You smiled to yourself, he really didn't remember....

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