Honda Vehicles In India - An Insight

If you are planning to buy a new scooter, then you can consider buying a Honda scooter. With all kinds of models and brands available in the Indian markets, it becomes difficult for you to decide which model and brand to buy. Therefore, to make your task easier, we have come up with a complete guide for you - from basic Honda scooters to top of the line Honda scooters.

It is hard to imagine a brand new vehicle in the current scenario without a model number, and a brand new vehicle without a name. As far as Honda is concerned, they are synonymous with sophistication and class. The company holds pride as the first-ever manufacturer of a minivan- a high fuel economy vehicle. For this reason, many people often refer to the Honda minivan as a Honda hatchback or an ex-showroom vehicle.

Honda bikes are another great option for those looking for a quality and reliable bike. There is a wide range of models available, like the Honda flex, Honda Grazia, Honda flex scooter, and Honda scooters in India. Honda bikes and scooters in India are available at most of the dealers and showrooms. These retailers also offer free shipping and gift hampers to their customers. But, for the loyal customers of Honda, who can't wait for their favorite Honda hatchback to reach them, there are also innumerable stores and sellers of Honda grills and parts in India.

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The popular Honda choicest models include the Civic, Accord, Civic Type-R, CRX Competi, FCX Ft. Sienna, Fitnnia, Haze, Jazz, Pride, Royal Enclosure and Vibrant. The list is absolutely exhaustive. The prices of all the models of the Honda scooters in India starts from less than 300 INR (approx.) for the simple models to some thousand INR (approx. ).

The basic models of Honda scooters are available in both two-wheeler and four-wheeler variants. For example, the Civic Type-R scooter has got front-wheel drive and is powered by a 110cc engine. On the other hand, the Honda Fitnnia scooter has got a two-wheeler variant and is also powered by a 110cc engine. The FCX Ft. Sienna scooter, the Jazz four-wheeler has got a rear-wheel drive and is also powered with an engine from Honda while the Pride and Vibrant scooters have got a single-wheeler and a two-wheeler version respectively.

However, if you wish to own a luxury vehicle, then you should know that two-wheelers are not for everyone. This is because unlike cars, there are no dedicated safety roads in India where two-wheelers can travel. Only motorbikes can negotiate these roads safely. In addition to this, people living in India have a fear of these two-wheeled machines, which is why an import car is a big deal in India as well. The first imported Honda motorcycle, the Honda FCX is now used by millions of Indians to commute to and from work, as well as to enjoy the holidays and visit friends and family.

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