How to Determine If Natural Ruby Rough Stone is Real?

Natural ruby is corundum (colored rock) or ruby that is used for jewelry, cut stones, and gemstones. The word "natural" comes from the Latin word "reminds," which means "a small star." This small star is surrounded by a halo of chromium, vanadium, and other metallic elements.

In which countries rough stone is available?

Corundum is a variety of red corundum. It is the most popular corundum and accounts for about 90% of the total ruby market. The other corundum types are now mainly mined in Brazil, Canada, Russia, Australia, and India. However, China is the main producer of natural rubies. This area in the world is experiencing an immense development of the mining industry.

Natural Ruby Rough Stone

The natural ruby rough stone is usually classified according to four different groups. These include corundum, ruby rubies, topaz, and sapphires. All these varieties vary in color and clarity, but they all look similar in many ways. Ruby rubies are the most popular variety because of their deep red color. However, they are also the most valued, and they are now being cut in a variety of fancy shapes as well.

How to give the shape of the rough stone?

When buying a natural ruby rough stone, the first thing that you have to decide is its cutting style. This refers to the shape of the stone, and it is mostly determined by how the natural mineral content was shaped when the stone was mined. You have to decide what shape suits your style best. Once you have chosen the shape of the natural rough stone, you can start looking for the right kind of quality.

The next thing that you need to check when buying a natural rough stone is its transparency. In order to see if the stone is really natural, it should be clear and relatively smooth. If there are impurities like iron or carbon particles, it will affect the appearance of the stone. You can check if the stone has good clarity by holding it up to bright light. If you see the light reflected, then it is a good stone.

Buying a Natural Ruby

Which is the most popular stone?

When you are buying a natural ruby rough stone, make sure that the size of the stone you want is appropriate for the size of your hands. It is not advisable for you to buy a huge natural ruby rough stone just because it is affordable. In fact, if you do so, you may regret it in the end. You might be too excited to pick out the perfect piece of jewelry that you bought, and when you put it on your finger, you will realize how it feels like your finger is being pricked by thorns. In purchasing natural stones, it is important to be practical.

One good way on how to determine if a natural ruby rough stone is real is if the stone's color has been treated. This treatment may be done to enhance the stone's look. The treated stones look brighter than their natural counterparts. Although the brighter color may look nice, you should not take it as a positive sign that the stone really is natural.

Rubies are one of the most popular gemstones that are naturally mined in Brazil, Russia, India, Australia, and South Africa. However, due to the illegal logging and mining of these gemstones, some countries have now banned their exportation or production. If you are a fan of natural rubies and want to have the chance to see them in their natural condition, you can visit places that offer this service. You may also choose to go to the Internet and search for shops in your location where you can find natural rubies.

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