Anger!! One such inspiring story. Which we are going to tell you.


Once a snake entered a closed shop. There was a saw in that shop. The snake collapsed with a saw in and got injured a little. As soon as the snake realized the injury, he panicked and the snake turned and stung the saw with full force. Snake stings in a sharp-edged saw started bleeding from his mouth. Now the snake became even angrier.

After this, the snake tried to capture the saw. Then what? The snake was badly injured due to anger.

On the second day, when the shopkeeper opened his shop, he was stunned to see the scene there. He saw a snake wrapped in a sharp saw and dead. That is, that snake had lost its temper, that is, for no other reason. The snake was killed by no one else but by his own anger.

Friends, this story teaches us a lot about our loss from anger. Sometimes in anger, we try to harm others but as time passes we come to know that we have hurt ourselves the most.

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