Medium sized shelves

Medium sized shelves are the types of iron shelves popularly used by Logistics enterprises in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City as well as other provinces across the country for goods warehouses.

So what is the mid-range shelf, what special function does it have? Are there any types, how much is the actual shelf cost? All useful information is in this article, let's find out now!

What is the transshipment shelf?

Classified as medium-sized iron racks for medium load, medium-load racks meet a variety of goods up to 800 kg / floor.

This pallet loading can be used manually or in combination with equipment such as forklifts, pallet truck when using additional pallets (small type).

transshipment shelf

Transshipment shelf system in warehouse

Shelves are shaped in terms of size or general structure as shown below. As for details, please follow the next part: the structure of the shelf.

What is the structure of the intermediate iron shelf?

Transshipment shelves, as well as many other types of warehouse and supermarket shelves, have many different parts. And below are the specific parts that make up the finished shape coming into use of the shelf.

transshipment shelf drawings

Medium shelf drawing

Sturdy Omega tripod set: for independent and serial models.

- Connection to the shelf is the Beam bar: is intended to connect the shelf horizontally and to support the floor above.

- Floor surface: also known as a shelf with commonly used material is corrugated iron, plywood or wire mesh, attached pallet

- Tieng bar loading middle shelf: Connected zic-zac shape with omega leg frame. Depending on whether the cargo is heavy or light, this bar density is added.

- The horizontal bar is lined under the corrugated iron floor to increase the rigidity. Avoid the phenomenon of sagging, sunken floors in the process of storing heavy goods.

- Finally, indispensable are screws, bolts.

Above is the description of the structural components of single-shelf products. Serial warehouse shelves also have a similar structure, but there is a difference between two adjacent shelves using the same omega pins.

Depending on the purpose of the business to use independent or serial 2, 3, 4 suitable and maximum cost savings.

Size specifications of the transshipment price

Many people wonder about the parameters of the intermediate shelf, but actually this is one of many types of shelves designed according to the actual purpose of the enterprise. So each business project has different specifications for color, material, thin thickness, ...

Responding to inquiries about shelf specifications, 3S Mechanics would like to share about the basic parameters that are popular when businesses place orders at 3S Mechanics.

Video Conveyor shelf Mechanic 3S fully assembled

- For load capacity: 800 kg / floor

- Length x Width x Height: 1800 mm x 600 mm x 1800 mm

- Number of floors: 4-5 floors (increase the number of floors for light and small goods)

- Frame of intermediate shelves: 4 feet of Omega 1.2 mm thick

- The corrugated iron floor with a thickness of 0.8 mm has additional horizontal bars lining the floor.

Bracing 4 bars for each pair of omega pillars

Materials: The whole set is used with machined alloy steel.

- Powder coating color: blue, white, orange, ...

Screws, nuts: stainless steel, anti-wear

Above is the basic parameters for independent shelves that many businesses order at cokhi3s. Unlike v-hole iron racks, the medium load iron shelf parameters are more dense and add some important parts such as bracing and beam.


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