IJ Start Canon Setup TS3322

If you want to begin printing your documents without making use of wired connection with Canon TS3322 printer then you must visit ij.start.canon setup canon ts3322 printer for completing the printer setup.

This is crucial to associate printer with wireless network and then begin installing software drivers and apps on your devices for having the topmost printing experience. You need to follow few basic steps for completing the entire procedure for ij.start. canon setup canon ts3322 printer.


With this information you will grab simple steps which will assist you to finish setup easily.

Ij Start Canon Ts3322 Setup:

Prior to moving towards the procedure, this is necessary for your printing machine to fulfill few requirements for using WPS Push technique for wireless connection.

IJ Start Canon Setup TS3322

•The network will make use of WPA or WPA2 security protocol, make sure to check wireless connection settings on device.

Steps To Follow:

Verify and assure Wifi router is in the range of printer. The WPS Key must get press.

Tap and keep wireless button on hold of Ij Start canon ts3322 unless wireless light not begins blinking.

Afterward, you must tap on Color key.

Press wireless key until you get direct lamp light up.

Subsequently, tap button on wireless router for two minutes. The printer’s blue light will begin flashing and remain same.

Network Settings

Make sure to verify that printer is On.

Equip printer with A4 size or letter size paper.

Choose Wifi key and keep on hold until Wifi light not blink.

Release the key.

Choose color key.

Select color key.

The network detail layout will get printed. In this way you can easily complete ij.start. canon setup canon ts3322 printer.

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