What is the clipping path?

Clipping Path Service

Price and Complexity levels

Each image or job varies from another. Due to this, we provide 6 different service options to help you navigate the price and complexity levels after receiving a quote. Some of these services are;

1. Basic

Perfect for products or solid objects. These include smartphones, framed artwork, books, balls, and simple boats. The basic service is the easiest and cheapest.

2. Simple

This incorporates both the basic package and works for objects with more edges and curves. Barely more complex, this package we use for images with holes. These include a cup or ring, as well as removing wallpapers from products.

3. Medium

For an object with complicated edges with its background removed, we will need to use more work. However, this service is complex enough to achieve the maximum desired result. Its process involves creating and merging different paths. It’s also ideal for removing the background from a group of objects.

4. Complex

Due to its time-consuming process, it’s perfect for objects with intricate or tricky edges. Also multiple holes, and items, and also objects with high transparency levels. Consequently, it is more pricey than all other packages before it.

5. Multiple

Ideal for complicated images or groups of images with color changes or modifications in

specific places. The multiple services are an addition to the complex package. This includes extra

clipping paths within the image itself.

This is a super complex clipping path image

Super Complex Image

6. Super Complex

As a last resort for very complex images with multiple individual clipping paths, we have the Super Complex service. This service offers clipping on the most intricate and super complicated images. Images or objects like intricate jewelry or wirework set, pet cages, a pile of furry objects, Cut out pieces of furniture, etc. It’s also significantly very expensive.

To create a clip in Photoshop, you start by meticulously tracing a path with the Pen Tool around the image or object. This will sequester it from the others. You can then choose from the different options provided in the Photoshop Panel. These include what method to use to sequester the image and its background. Either permanently or temporarily.

Who needs a clipping path and in-depth engraving services?

Our services aren’t just for a select few. Everyone with a deadline is suitable to use our editing services. From Photoshop beginners with little editing knowledge to Professional Photographers with Single or Large Portfolios to edit. Also e-commerce retailers with prior photoshop knowledge. Even Freelancers and short term agencies are welcome to try out our services.

When to use a clipping path

1. When you need to separate the background and image.

2. Concealing of the background of an image.

3. When you need to select and amend a certain area.

4. The need for multiple selections for corrections.

When not to use a clipping path

1. If the image is translucent and is hairy or has obscured edges.

With years of experience in utilizing the Photoshop Pen Tool, our professionals are highly trained. Always striving to provide the best clipping path services. Unlike other services in the market, we avoid using automated methods when clipping paths. We do not use tools like Magic Wand as it could cause harm to your brand and reputation. We’re extremely proud of our services and we know we will satisfy you with them.

Hey, I'm Carolyn Perez and I'm a professional photo editor for 5+ years. As a freelancer, I provide my services to Clipping Path Service industries and various E-commerce companies. I worked with some famous names in online business such as Chick Cosmetics-South Africa, The Gadget Magnet - UK based drop-shipping store.
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