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The term architectural design might also refer to a structural designer who isn't a registered architect, an architectural technologist or even any individual who is involved directly in the planning and designing of structures or urban environments. This type of Architectural Design is mostly used by private architects and building designers and is practiced in commercial and residential buildings as well. The work generally requires the supervision of structural engineers.

There are various theories which are incorporated to the development of Architectural Design. One of these concepts is known as sustainable development. Under this concept, architects develop the concept of sustainable city layouts. Sustainable cities try to conserve energy and water, so that the ecological balance can be maintained.

Sustainable city designs require the inclusion of smart strategies such as high-efficiency heating and ventilation systems, efficient electrical systems and the incorporation of passive solar design techniques into buildings and urban environments. The use of renewable resources is another important strategy which is implemented in modern architect's home designs. In the development of a sustainable city, the role of architects is vital. They must incorporate all the strategies and techniques available into the building design in order to make the most out of the limited resources they have.

Architectural Design is very different from traditional architecture because it applies a variety of theories which are not usually present in the traditional concept. The Architectural design process is usually referred to as the concept stage. When planning the construction of any new building or structure, the Architectural Designers needs to undertake a detailed concept process. Once the concept phase is over, it is the turn of the structural design phase.

When incorporating the sustainable development concept into an Architectural Design, it is necessary to plan carefully. This means that the size, shape and location of the building must be carefully considered in order to make sure that it will fit into the designated urban area. Other aspects which have to be considered during this phase include the climate, population, land use and accessibility. A sustainable development approach aims at promoting energy saving, energy efficiency and at the same time reducing the carbon footprint of the site. For the architects to implement this concept in their architectural design, a complete set of requirements must be generated in order to have a better understanding of what the site is going to look like after construction is complete.

Post construction, there are many opportunities for the architect to continue with the sustainable development approach. This is because the site is now officially part of the city's plan. There is also the need for another set of construction documents to be designed and implemented to continue the planned architectural design. In addition, the architect can continue to work with the local authorities and community as long as the project is being constructed.

Although it may seem difficult to incorporate sustainable design concepts into an architectural design, there are a number of benefits that come with it. One such benefit is that environmental factors can be incorporated into the overall design concept. Using sustainable development techniques allows the designer to use building materials that have a low effect on the environment. This helps to ensure that the site is sustainable for the future. The use of sustainable construction materials also allows the site to be designed using materials which are biodegradable. Thus, these buildings can be left in place after the current construction is completed.

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