12 Chocolates til SmutMas (Merry SmutMas / -Smut)








I was sitting at my kitchen island looking down at the now empty chocolate container. I jumped when someone cleared her throat. When I looked up, Ms. Clause was walking over to stand in the kitchen before me. “Well hello to you too, ‘Grandma'. Here to see who I choose?” She smiled at my question, and petted my head.



“Did you at least enjoy your present?”



It was my turn to smile as I nodded my head. “Yes, very much so. They were all so very wonderful.” She move to sit beside me, as she tapped the box. “Are you going to tell me who you’ll like to be your own personal Christmas gift for life?”



I remember every single date and only one was able to pact my world for the better amongst all twelve. “Suho. He made me believe I shouldn’t allow people to walk all over me. To do better for myself.” Ms. Clause smiled kindly before snapping her fingers before my eyes.



I had blacked out and came to in my bed. I blinked a bit confused, before the scent of bacon hit my nose. I crawled out of bed to see Suho in my kitchen cooking me breakfast. He looked up at me and smiled warmly. “Merry Christmas, Beautiful.  Come down , I made breakfast for us both.”



I cheerfully ran down the stairs and back hugged Suho instantly. He just chuckled and patted my hands. “Good to see you to sleepy head.” He turn around, to put an arm around my shoulders, so he could peck my lips. “Thank you by the way for choosing me.” I just return the peck on his cheek, and nuzzle into him.



“You do know there was a hidden catch to this present.”  I broke away from hugging him, to look at him confused. “Any of the 12 that have sexually relations with you, also automatically agrees to marry you.” I just blinked a bit stun by his words. He then pointed to the fold on the counter behind him.



The folder held a marriage certificate, stating that Suho and I were as of now, married. Even had a pre-up behind it signed by the both of us, agreeing we give up the right to touch any property that belongs to the other, unless stated otherwise in our wills. “So wait… you’re my husband now?”



Suho took his turn to give me a back hug, after placing a plate of food beside me. “Yup and you’re my wife. I don regret anything either.” He said before eating a piece of toast. “I hope you don’t regret it.” I was beyond happy at this current moment. Ms. Clause's gift wasn’t just dates, but to find me my forever.



“Suho, I have never been so glad to have met you in my life. I turned my head to look at him. “You make me want to be a better woman. Do more in life, and for that. I am glad to be my your side for life.”



Suho brought my lips to his own as he petted my head. “Have you decided where you will be working now? I heard you’ve been taking interviews and tours. I nodded my head and smiled warmly. “Actually yesterday I took an offer from Cube Entertainments. They want me as their PR Manager.” Suho looked at me surprised, since Cube wasn’t part of the folder. “Bi Rain himself approached me when I was leaving JYP. He did his homework and actually kind of beg me to join.”



Suho chuckled as he accepted what I told him. “That is perfect, baby. I am do proud of you. “ I was so happy to have him generally proud of me. We ate our breakfast before we walked around. Discussing who's place we were going to live in. How many kids we wanted yo have.



Soon enough we were about a month into our marriage. It was valentine’s day, and I was walking around our apartment that was formally Suho's. “Baby! I’m home!” I smiled as I went over to him, and threw myself in his arms. “I just finish cooking the dinner for us and your parents. He hummed as his nuzzled his nose against the nape of my neck.



“Long say at work?” He nodded his head, as he held me tightly. “Well, I know how to cheer you up.” He pulled away and arched eyebrow.  “I’m two weeks pregnant.” His eyes became wide, along with his smile.



“Seriously? We’re going to have a kid?”



I nodded my head m, making him cheered and spun me around. We both laughed between kisses. “That is the best news ever.” I smiled at him and petted my head. “I don’t even want this dinner no more. I just want to cuddle you and rub your belly now.” I giggled and petted his head.



“I would cancel, but its your parents, not my mother. They will love to hear this news.”



Suho smiled and nodded his head. “Alright, you are right. We are going to make their day too.” He kissed my head before washing up. I was beyond happy now. My mother stop bothering me, I had a better job I love. Married to an amazing man and expecting to have our first child.



Thank you Ms. Clause for the best Christmas Gift ever.

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