Can You Boost Revenue by Offering Webinars?

Looking for ways to position your staff members as industry experts while also bringing in extra revenue? Consider offering webinars in your area of expertise.

Here’s what these are:

A webinar usually has audio and visual components. Its visual portion is shared through an internet browser or a web conferencing tool, while its audio component is typically broadcast through the audience’s computers, or in some cases, through a telephone.

Webinars typically consist of a presentation followed by a Q&A session. Since webinars are a visual medium, they also help the speaker(s) connect with attendees.

Although webinars can also be used by companies to get participants interested in buying their products and/or services, it must be noted that webinars should not be used as sales pitches — their primary objective is to provide value for the participants, in the form of valuable insights, facts and other information.

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How to Make Money Offering Webinars

One of the most obvious methods of making money with a webinar is to charge an admission fee to the live online event. Most people are willing to pay in order to learn about the topics they are interested in, especially if it comes from verifiable experts. Therefore, it’s best if you stick to topics you know best.

Here are three ways you can have success with this strategy:

Select the right webinar software

Promote the event effectively

Always deliver quality content

Another way to earn money offering webinars is to demo your company’s products and/or services. Such demo webinars are a great way to earn money if your company already has products and/or services to sell.

Participants don’t usually pay for demo webinars; you earn money toward the end when the product/service being exhibited is put up for sale.

The following tips can help you make money with product demo webinars:

Always add value

Get the timing rightone hour

Focus on benefits instead of features

Highlight your call-to-action (CTA)

Follow up via email

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