Kim Hyun Joong comes out with another hit in Japan

The second single of singer Kim Hyun Joong which was released recently has become a big hit. On July 11, the star’s agency, Keyeast Entertainment, said that Kim’s second single Heat which was released in Japan on the 4th topped the rankings of daily and weekly charts of Oricon. After the news of Kim’s album release broke in May, he has been at the top of subscription sales charts of on and offline markets such as Tower Record. On the day of the release, about 140,000 copies were sold immediately which allowed singer the first place of the Oricon daily chart. Within a week, a total of 183,000 albums were sold, and Kim won another top ranking in the Oricon weekly chart. His popularity in Japan overwhelmed such famous Japanese singers as Yamashita Tomohisa and Morning Musume. Particularly, singer Yamashita Tomohisa who followed Kim in the rankings sold about 118,000 copies of his album Love Chase, yet there is still a gap of 60,000 copies of sales between these two stars. A staff member from his Japanese music company says, “People are highly praising Kim’s latest album in Japan. Compared to not only Japanese singers like Yamashita Tomohisa or Morning Musume, but also K-pop singers and their albums such as Super Junior’s Opera (159,000 copies), TVXQ’s Super Star (158,000 copies), Jang Keun Suk’s Let Me Cry (119,000 copies), and 2PM’s Beautiful (141,000 copies) during the first week of their album release, Kim gives a relatively remarkable impression.” In addition to his performances of his second single, he is currently shooting the TV series City Conquest, therefore he is expected to attract continuous attention in Japan. On the 14th and the 15th of July, the star is to give a non-charge live performance of his second single at the Super Arena in Saitama and a collaborated performance with Japanese musician Naoto Intiraymi. Source: STARNEWS

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