Machine for Face Milling

CNC milling

There are several types of end milling machines, usually differentiated according to the scope of the layout and application.

1. Table lifting milling machine: universal, horizontal and vertical, most generally used for the manufacturing of small and medium-sized components.

2. Gantry milling machine: including a gantry boring milling machine, a double column milling machine and a gantry milling planer used to process large parts.

3. Single column milling machine and single-arm milling machine: The horizontal milling head of the former can travel along the guide rail of the column, and the worktable can feed longitudinally; the vertical milling head of the latter can move horizontally along the guide rail of the cantilever, and the height can also be balanced along the guide rail of the column. Both are used for large parts manufacturing.

4. Workable non-lifting milling machine: there are two types of function tables, i.e. the worktable angle and the worktable circular. Between the lifting table milling machine and the gantry milling machine is a medium-sized milling machine. The vertical movement is finished with the raising of the milling head on the column.

5. Instrument milling machine: a small milling machine for the lifting table used to process tools and other small parts.

Tool milling machine: used in the manufacture of molds and equipment, fitted with various attachments such as a vertical milling head, a universal angle working table and a socket, as well as drilling, boring and slotting applications.

6. Other milling machines are special milling machines for processing matching workpieces, such as keyway milling machines, cam milling machines, crankshaft milling machines, roller journal milling machines, and square steel ingot milling machines.

7. The milling machine is split into profile milling machines, software control milling machines and digital control milling machines according to the control mode.

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