6 Steps to Achieve Lightning Migration Readiness

You probably hear a lot about Lightning Experience. All those prospects of Salesforce Lightning really make the experience exciting. Salesforce Lightning has richer components for the client-side and can embed newer and more varied types of visualization, and you can implement it effortlessly with the help of the best Salesforce professional services. We’ve got some steps for you to follow to move towards the newest experience.

Prepping Your Salesforce Org with a Readiness Check

Start with knowing what it’s going to take to get your Salesforce instance ready for Lightning Experience. The Readiness Check is an awesome tool that scans the features and customizations you are currently using and emails you a report on your Lightning Experience readiness. The report will help you know how your objects, buttons, and AppExchange packages are going to work on Lightning Experience.

You can kick off the Readiness Check from the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant.

Get Started

Check Readiness

With the readiness report, you can identify all the features and customizations you are using that might not work the way you expect them to in Lightning Experience. The report also helps you know the right action for fixing these items, making it easier for you to start making changes.

Use Readiness Report to Develop a Rollout Plan

#1 Get Feedback from an Expert

After running Readiness Check, you’ll get an email from Salesforce on how you can sign up for a free 30-minute consultation. If you can go for it by yourself, that’s great. But if you can’t, there are always Salesforce consulting services to help you out.

# 2 Preview Lightning Experience

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#3 Identify a Lightning Experience Champion

It is recommended to roll out Lightning Experience incrementally. Start with any “Lightning Experience Champion” or superusers that are ready to try out the new interface. Getting feedback can set you up for more changes that you might need to work on. Also, you can reach out to the experienced Salesforce consultants for the required support.

#4 Take Action

After getting all the feedback you need, compile everything you need to change into a list. Check the easy bits off your list, and then prioritize the gradual improvements you need to make.

#5 De-Clutter

Use the Readiness Report to simplify schema and decongest to improve performance and retrieval-times

#6 Rinse, Repeat

After making the required modifications, run the Readiness Check again. Walkthrough the recommended steps again until you’ve worked through your rollout plan. You can call on your champions to offer you support and encouragement whenever you work on rolling out a new interface.

Migrate to Salesforce Lightning For the Best Features

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