A Workplace First Aid Kit That Works

Workplace First Aid

Eyewash and mouth wash kits. This is one of the most important sets of workplace first aid supplies that you will ever need. These kits contain items such as bandages, adhesive tapes, eye goggles, antiseptics, eyewash, tweezers, sterile gauze, and tweezer. There are also small self-medicating kits and instructional books that explain to workers what to do in case of eye injuries.

High-risk injury and rescue supplies. These are more specialized than the basic first aid kits. In addition to being large in size, these supplies are also of a higher quality. For example, it is preferable to use high-quality, synthetic latex gloves, high-proof eyewash, rubber gloves, and a face shield while treating high-risk casualty.

All workplace safety and first-aid kits should include appropriate instructional materials. There are many books available that explain how to handle various injuries, and there are videos that offer step-by-step instructions on how to perform workplace safety and first-aid procedures. In addition, there are DVDs that show the proper use of workplace safety and first-aid kits.

Emergency response kits. There are many different types of workplace and medical emergencies. These include cuts, burns, auto accidents, choking, dehydration, falls, head injuries, heart attacks, and injuries at work. An emergency response kit includes items that are useful for treating each type of emergency and can be stored in any location where one might find help during an emergency. The contents of these kits can vary depending on the type of emergency, but include items such as blankets, coolers, flashlights, extra clothing, matches, duct tape, aspirin, and other medications that are useful for treating minor injuries.

CPR/Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. A major component of an emergency response kit is a collection of cardiac arrest resuscitation and CPR cards. These cards are readily available for purchase in retail stores or at hospitals that participate in the American Heart Association's Cardiopulmonary resuscitation program. These resuscitation cards contain information about CPR and the signs and symptoms of heart attack and provide instructions for a hands-only and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation system. In addition, they provide contact information for the nearest emergency medical technicians or the nearest medical unit.

Workplace First Aid Kits Contents. Other items that make up an adequate first aid kit include multipurpose drapes and plastic garbage bags, duct tape, safety gloves, rubber band aids, eye goggles, and disposable gloves. All of these items can be found in most major metropolitan areas, although some specialty kits may also be available. Emergency medical technicians often carry flashlights that contain two-way electrical power. These flashlights are available in sizes suitable for adults, children, and even small children.

An aedible kit is an excellent resource for keeping emergency assistance technicians, police officers, and other professionals working in the workplace aware of the hazards that are present and of the ways in which minor injuries can turn deadly quickly. Employees should make every effort to keep their workplace free of hazards and by keeping emergency exits and other access points clear. The health and safety of everyone in the workplace should be a high priority, and first aid training for staff should be an ongoing, regular part of the workplace injury plan. If you feel that you need more assistance with first aid and other workplace injury prevention issues, contact an injury attorney who is familiar with workplace safety enforcement and filing claims successfully.

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