An Overview of Industry Specification Group

ISG is known as Industry Specification Group. ISG for Network Functions Virtualization can be defined as a group charged with developing needs as well as requirements and architecture for virtualization for different functions within telecommunications networks. Industry Specification Group (ISG) for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) was formed in the year 2012 when it brought together with seven leading telecommunication network operators, including AT&T, Telefonica, BT, Telecom Italia, Verizon, Deutsche Telekom, and Orange. These companies were connected by 52 other network operators, telecommunication equipment vendors, IT vendors, and technology providers in order to make up the Industry Specification Group (ISG) for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).


Telecommunication networks consist of a huge range of proprietary hardware devices. Introduction of a new service means more devices that mean seeking the space and the power to accommodate such devices. However, it becomes a bit challenging. Hardware-based devices have a smaller and smaller life cycle as rapid innovation that makes the ROI minor and lower when organizing new services as well as limiting the invention as the industry is focused on network-centric solutions.

Network Functions Virtualization focuses on several problems. By developing standard IT virtualization technology, NFV implements network functions into software as it can run on different industry-standard server hardware. Moreover, it can be reduced to multiple locations within the network as required. Using NFV, the need to install new devices is removed. It results in dropping CapEx and OpEx, higher Return on Investment, shorter time-to-market deployment of network services, openness to the virtual device network, more flexibility to scale up or down, and more chances to examine as well as deploy new services with lower risk.

The Industry Specification Group (ISG) NFV assists in setting necessities and architecture specifications for hardware and software infrastructure required to make sure virtualization functions are maintained. ISG also helps to manage guidelines to grow network functions. ISG NFV also issues its research findings to advance the industry’s use of NFV.

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