Be situational in setting up bags and shoes

Every situation needs its own bag and shoes; Just as it is not possible to attend a wedding with a leather and sporty women's backpack, it is not possible to go to class with high heels and a clutch bag at university.

That's why you need to understand the environmental conditions in which you are going to be present and then start shopping. In general, flat heels or sneakers with backpacks and large bags are suitable for everyday situations, and high heels and small bags are used for formal occasions.

Glosses for formal occasions Bags and shoes belong to different types and types; Some are suede, some are matte leather and some are varnish and glossy. Each of these genera is suitable for a specific situation.

For example, using suede bags and shoes for everyday occasions is more appropriate than formal occasions. Matte leather bags and shoes can be used in semi-formal and formal situations, and for using varnish bags and shoes, it is better to consider formal night parties. Take care of the formalities to set the bags and shoes Suppose you are going to an important party.

You have chosen a small and beautiful handbag and now it is time to choose high heels. You must know that wearing high heels can cause serious injuries to the back and spine.

For this reason, it is better to know the rules for the right heel size for women's shoes before choosing shoes, and then start shopping. Another point is about the diameter of the heel and the size of the toe of the shoe.

Keep in mind that rectangular and thick heels spread the weight, so less pressure is applied to the waist. The wider the toe, the more comfortable your feet will feel. So choosing high-heeled shoes may be nice for stylists; But it will not be easy. Believe me, even if you are wearing the most beautiful shoes, when you do not feel comfortable in it, the party will be bitter for you.

Which shoes are suitable for which situation? There are many types of beautiful shoes, each suitable for a specific occasion. For an informal and everyday occasion, a variety of doll shoes and women's college sports shoes are good options that can create a comfortable and beautiful style for you.

High-heeled shoes are for parties, and the use of sneakers and sneakers to attend family gatherings of friends or situations that require more comfort are ideal. The size of the bag is important If heel is one of the conditions for choosing a formal shoe model; In the case of bags, their size can affect whether they are formal or casual.

Party bags, known as handbags or clutches, were once used only for formal occasions. These days, larger handbags are being designed, which is a good idea to create a stylish semi-formal style.

For example, you can combine jeans, loose mantle, big scarf and sneakers with a big and sporty handbag and create a beautiful style for yourself; But dedicate the use of smaller bags to important celebrations and parties. Larger and simpler bags are other models that it is better to limit their use to everyday situations. Are bags and shoes the same shape?

8 important rules for setting up bags and shoes for women Until a few years ago, when it came to buying bags and shoes, everyone preferred that the two options be compatible in every way; But fortunately this law has changed for some time. If in the past the emphasis was on the same color of bags and shoes, today's stylists encourage you to use different bags and shoes.

These days, you can pair a magenta bag with azure shoes or a leopard shoe with a red bag.

The important thing is that eventually all the components of your clothes come together and you know the rules of color combination. Set patterned bags and shoes with patterned One of the interesting trends in the world of fashion and clothing these days and setting up bags and shoes is the use of patterned bags and shoes.

However, if you are going to make your appearance using these options today, it is better that the design of your bag and shoes are not the same. For example, you can wear gray and black shoes with a leopard print with a black gray bag that has a striped pattern. The harmony of colors and the difference between the designs will create more beauty for your style. The important point is that when the bag and shoes are patterned, it is better to have a simple coat and pants, and finally, a patterned scarf should be chosen.

A strange rule for younger people Stylists have a variety of ideas for setting up bags and shoes; But one of these ideas is more interesting than the others. They say that to have an avant-garde and different set, you can set the color of your lipstick with the color of your shoes and go to the color of your collar to choose the color of the bag. This is especially appealing to those who like to take different pictures of themselves.

Using this method, you can put colors together that do not seem to match; But being different makes them beautiful. Red shoes and a pink bag fall into this category.

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