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Hello and welcome back to fight matters today we're at motorcycle I've, 2019 yeah. We I'm gon na look at the scoot. Is this one round, so I mean it wouldn't bother our applicants. It was new 20 20 dozen Pittsburgh their first into it. Now there might be the old surprise here so stay tuned and make sure to let us know your favorite pic in the comments section below inner seven. Is the Honda SH one two five, the Honda SH is an extremely popular scooter since its launch in 2005, pop to any big town or city and chances are you'd, see Lowe's buzzing around the urban traffic. The SH is definitely more of a commuters friend than the standout looker, but with Honda's impressive reliability and economical performance.

It'S not really a surprise at the SH cells in such numbers. For 2020, though, the SH has had a bit of a freshen up with a restyle and performance and efficiency increases, not the best looking scooter, my opinion, but definitely a dependable workhorse. The SH is a great start to this list, taking a number seven spot now. The spec for the Honda sh1t five for 2020 is a new euro. Five liquid called for valve ESP plus engine which has increased efficiency, he'll produce around twelve point three brake horsepower at 8250 rpm. So, basically, from the previous version, that's an increase of naught point four brake horsepower and at slightly lower revs to the SH also has stop-start fuel savings system, Honda, selectable, torque control and an extra 10 liters of under seat storage face a new tubular under bone frame. The price on this one is yet to be confirmed. [ Music ] in at six is the Vespa racin sixties. Although there's no new releases from Italians collections Vespa, there is a whole new series.

Inspired by the 60s aptly named the racing 60s. The race and 60s will be available on the Vespa sprint for the 50 cc one to five CC and 150 CC versions. The race and 60s will also be available on the GTS super models 2, which will cover the 1 to 5 cc and 300 CC versions. Color 8 options will be red and white or green, in yellow along the graphics of race and 60s will also include a brand new soft nubuck seat and golden wheel. Even extra nostalgia as a race and 60s is basically a new color 8 options and not a new model. The race, the 60s just miss out on the top 5 of the list and finds itself in at number 6. Now the details on the race and 60 spec for 2020 are it be exclusively available on the Sprint and GTS supermodels, your comers, red and white, or green and yellow color a options have golden wheels, an all-new soft nubuck seat as well.

The price will be dependent on the model and is yet to be confirmed. [ Music ] in at number five is the super-psycho CPX electric specialist super-psycho continue to push the electric scooter capabilities with the all-new CPX, as you would expect of a new electric model. The CPX will see increased range and top speed along with a quicker charge time weighing in at just a hundred and thirty five kilograms. The CPX remains relatively light and with a all new, improved performance, these electric scooters really are closing the gap on combustion engine 1 to 5 from the rumors we've heard. The price might well surprise you too, as it would cost from three thousand five hundred and ninety nine pounds as an electric model in a category still dominated by combustion engines. Check here https://thescooterguide.com/best-electric-scooter-for-adults/

The CPX for me finds its way into fifth place. The spec includes a 4000 watt motor producing 126 foot-pounds at all, with an estimated top speed of 55 miles per hour. There be 2 60 volt or 45 amp hour batteries, which can be charged in three and a half hours. The range will be up to 85 miles on a full charge. There will also be a reverse function, and the price for this will start from three thousand five hundred and ninety nine pounds in at number. Four is the Yamaha tri-city 300. The all-new tri-city 300 has gone with a new and aggressive look which has really pushed up in the looks apartment when compared to its older sibling, the tri-city 1 to 5.

The big news about this 300 version, though, is that it can be ridden on a car license. In the UK. The tri-city will be powered by the economical 292 CC blue core engine derived from the xmax 300, and it will produce around 38.9 brake horsepower when it comes to steering and suspension. The tri-city will be using the same twin front, wheel, suspension system from the 125 CC version as a three wheeler. Many won't like its inclusion in this list and fair play, but with its new radical look and showing the same traits of a maxi scooter, the tri-city for me had to be included, though, with a very tightly contested top 3, the tri-city finds itself at number 4. The spec for the Yamaha tri-city 300 is automatic tilt, lock, assist system, 267, millimeter front and rear discs.

A 13 litre fuel tank LCD instrument panel, large storage, that 292 CC blue core motor. Now the price for this is yet to be confirmed: [, Music, ]. Now, just before we get to the real serious business of the big hitters in at the top three, a quick mention here to Lex um insurance who power bike matters. If you're in the UK and look at again insurance quote on a scooter or motorcycle, make sure to head on over to lecture me, Shawn Sacco UK for a low-cost insurance quote, their best deals are direct. Now, let's go back to the top three for our list. For 2020, in at number, three is the Royal of Lloyd T G 300, the all new to Gehrig Rand. A series from roller law has been teased for some time now and I think it's fair to say it really doesn't disappoint.

I had seen photos from. I came over, as only when I saw the T G in person at motorcycle life. I really appreciate its beauty. Your lawyer models have stuck to that gorgeous limp are stunning over old, and the new flagship screw to the TG is no exception, though. This is clearly designed more as series to Lambrettas retro style. Scooters are big business in recent years and it seems wrong a lawyer willing to push development further and not just a light on the GT in GP series. The TG will get that long-awaited 300 cc engine, which will please many, I'm sure I don't think it'll be long until we see many TG 3 hundreds buzzing screw rallies. In my opinion, though, it is worth mention, the TG will also be available as a learner friendly 1 to 5 cc.

The TG looks like a fantastic scooter and for me, dishonest place on this list was really difficult, as on another day, could easy set number one for now, though, the TG sits proudly at number three and all its retro glory. Now the Royal, Lloyd T G, free and respect for twenty to twenty years, Sony predominately still bodied. You have cast aluminum head set and horn cast. You have the king and queen seat that you can find on the Royal Lloyd, GP, have a full color, TFT, speedometer and gem lights, and the price on this one is yet to be confirmed in at number. Two is the it's Hal jet dragster.

Yes, that's right! The absolute scooter legend, which is the Italia track so we'll be returning this new radical starting to the UK fresh of Aikman milan UK scooter importer, moto gp, confirmed the deal by displaying the sporting liquor called bad boy nest and emotes of life 2019. We know there will be an initial 499 units created, but how many of these will hit? Uk Shores is not yet known, it's great to see its, how eject key performance at the heart of the dragster design, with a liquid core motors right on the limits. The 1 to 5 cc, especially, is right on the cusp of legality. By coming in just shy of that 125 CC, 15 brake horsepower limit an incredible 14.9 horses, not bad for a scooter. These 40 little beasts will come at a cost, but considering the spec design and likely rarity, I think, that's to be expected.

The figures for Europe have been confirmed: 5000 euros for the 1 to 5 cc version and five and a half thousand euros for the 200 cc version. So if think, it's fair to say, UK prices will be five thousand pounds plus the spec for the tell jet dragster for 2020 is the 125 CC version will produce 14.9 horsepower and the 200 cc version produces 19.8 brake horsepower. They have that awesome, trellis frame the Biturbo suspension, Pirelli tires and Brembo brake calipers, as I say, prices, yet to be confirmed. They expected to start around 5,000 pounds and finally, in at number one is the Yamaha t max 560. Yes, the ever-popular t max clinches. The number one spot the Yamaha t max is one of the kings of the maxi scooter market and has been since its launch in 2001, roll on to 2020 and the newest and most powerful teammates a day is set to be released.

The new teammate is going large capacity this time with a new euro, 5 2 cylinder 560 cc engine which produces 40 6.9 brake horsepower. The new top spec tech, max version was also displayed at my local live, so hope for Yamaha might decide to release it in the UK as well. Back to the standard 560 down, the spec is pretty impressive. With a 4 to 1 millimeter upside down forks at the front, monotone TFT instrument panel and Yamaha marque. There are some big players in the maxi scooter market, like Suzuki, Honda and Kymco, and with the Tmax 560 Yamaha, really pushing things on further to try and keep themselves towards the top of that tree with how incredibly popular the Tmax is, and with these new improvements,

The team has just edged ahead with a ruler, Lloyd, T G and tell jet director to claim the number one spot in this list. Respect for the Yamaha team X, 564 mm 20 years that 560 CC viewer 5 engine producing 40, 6.9 bit course: power that sporty new bodywork, the lightweight aluminium frame, traction control, 2 level, d mode monitoring, TFT interim panel 41 millimeter upside-down front suspension that Orson smart key Technology now the price is yet to be confirmed. So there you go. That'S our top 7 best new scooters for 2020. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Let us know your vote in the comments section below. Thank you ever so much for watching if you've enjoyed it. Please hit that thumbs up and give us a like if you're not already subscribe to The pieman YouTube channel hit that subscribe button and I'll see you in the next one bye, bye, [, Music ], you

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