Benefits of Hair Restoration

1. Source a Qualified Trichologist

Following a consultation with your GP, it is also worth visiting a qualified Trichologist who specialises in diagnosing hair and scalp problems. Some of your existing hair will be inspected under a microscope and tested for various levels of chemicals, hormones, toxic substances and protein - a key hair compound. A trichologist will then recommend the best form of hair loss treatment to help alleviate the problem. Be assured that in lots of cases, problems can be ameliorated with swift diagnosis and action.

2. A hair clinic will offer a wide varierty of products and services

men hair system

Larger clinics should have strong supply relationships with hairpiece manufacturers who can offer real hair bonded or clip-in extensions, hair pieces, ladies wigs, men's hair systems, real hair additions and custom-made real hair wigs. Premium hair pieces and wigs are often designed with added security e.g. silicone strips to stick to the scalp or hidden internal clips. Overall, seeking advice from a good hair clinic means that your hair replacement options are wider and you will be offered a better quality solution.

3. Hair loss does not have to mean that the individual should stop leading a full and active life

Many people feel inhibited or restricted by their hair loss. A downturn in confidence and self-esteem is common. If the problem warrants a full coverage wig, individuals can often avoid social activities. However, thanks to advances in hair technology, hair replacement solutions e.g. in the form of a wig, are incredibly natural-looking and secure, allowing the wearer to lead a full and active life. There are even certain hair replacement products on the market - e.g. vacuum wigs with a silicone base that create a suction between the scalp and the wig base - that allow the wearer to go swimming, ride in an open top sports car and so on. Talk to a hair loss expert and explore the options available.

4. There is no right or wrong way to deal with hair loss and hair replacement

One of the most common questions asked by those who choose to restore their hair e.g. by wearing a wig is "should I tell my friends and family?" The simple answer is: it's entirely up to you. However, many people find comfort and relief in confiding in close and trusted loved ones. This can alleviate pressure at social occasions and events.

5. The benefits of hair replacement can be limitless

According to the majority of men and women who have undergone hair loss treatment or opted for a hair replacement solution, the benefits are ongoing. From an emotional perspective, individuals can feel more confident, outgoing, their place or role in society is intact and they often look or feel younger. From a practical perspective, individuals feel able to participate in normal, everyday activities; attending special occasions is much less stressful. Thanks to advances in hair technology, hair colour and fibre looks incredibly natural and often people never know if someone is wearing a wig or hair piece!

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