5 Neurological disorders that can prove to be fatal

Neurological disorders refer to conditions impacting the brain, spine and connective nerves. There are hundreds of neurological disorders that we know of today, with symptoms and severity of each differing from person to person. Although it is quite common for a person to become forgetful at an older age, some conditions are more serious and hence must not be neglected. It must be noted that any condition impacting the neurological system is bound to be problematic and require treatment from one of the best neurologists in Hyderabad or other prominent cities that offer good medical care.

Have a look at some of the most common neurological disorders-

1. Migraine

It is often associated as a chronic neurological disorder in which the patient suffers from frequent headaches. Headache intensity ranges from moderate to severe and can last for up to two days or more. Symptoms of migraine are-

• Sensitivity to light, sound and smells

• Frequent nausea and vomiting

• Speech problems

• Trouble in vision with complaints of seeing blurred spots or flashing lights.

2. Stroke

A restricted blood flow to the brain results in stroke and brain cell damage. Blood clots or blocked blood vessels are the main causes of stroke. Basically, strokes are of two types- haemorrhagic and ischemic. Symptoms of stroke are-

• Severe headache without any particular reason

• Weakness, dizziness or sudden numbing of arm, leg or face

• Loss of balance and coordination

• Trouble speaking or understanding

3. Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a disease affecting the brain and spinal cord nerve cells that are vital for the adequate functioning of the nervous system. Myelin sheath or protective layer around the nerve cells gets damaged. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis are as follows-

• Trouble with memory and thinking

• Weak muscles

• Numbing and prickling sensations

• Visual disturbances

4. Spinal Cord Disorders

Any injury affecting the spinal cord can result in spinal cord disorders. Compression of the spinal cord, blocked blood supply or fractured bones and infections are yet other reasons resulting in the same. Some of the common symptoms are:

• Partial or complete paralysis

• Change in reflexes

• Weakness or severe back pain

• Loss of bladder or bowel control

5. Brain Tumors

Abnormal growth of cells in brain tissues of a person results in brain tumors. Brain tumors can either be benign or malignant (cancerous). The most common symptoms are-

• Headaches and seizures

• Problem in talking, walking, hearing, and seeing

• Weakness, mood swings, and nausea

• Trouble with thinking, memory, and poor cognitive abilities.

If you are suffering from any of the neurological disorders, it’s recommended to visit the best neurologists in Hyderabad and other cities and get yourself treated as soon as possible.

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