AvatarBuilder Review

Before you buy any app on the net, you should understand about its full features, its full benefits and its usage case. So, this AvatarBuilder review will help you understand about the best usage case + the combination of the software so that you understand how it works and how it performs when you combine with another app on the internet, of course, that app is not free and you are required to buy.

1.AvatarBuilder Review - Use it First

First of, you need to choose the type of the video to be made with the app. Then, you need to choose either to make video from scratch or can be through templates. No matter what type of video you intend to make, please take note, the maximum duration (with upgrades) is only at 12 minutes and i think that's enough for a spokeperson video. You can choose to merge multiple videos into one later.

The next part of your promotional is to choose the 3D Avatar.

A feature that you definitely must see is the audio maker. It includes text to speech features and i don't really appreciate this engine. Instead, i would recommend you to use better text to speech softwares such as Speechelo and/or Synthesys. This is to provide the audio background plus the text to speech.

You can copy paste the entire pre-built script from Avatar Builder and copy paste in full into Speechelo. After that, just preview, customize and render your video.

2.AvatarBuilder Review - Use with Speechelo

You can either choose between the Standard Voice and the Artificial Intelligent Voice.

There are tons of characters here and they are fully different from places like Google Wavenet and Amazon Polly. For background music, you can download their background, for more audio in the library, just need to buy the Pro or the Elite version.

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4.7 Star App Store Review!
The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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