Fort Greene Community Garden

As cities continue to grow and become overwhelmed with skyscrapers and big businesses, it becomes harder and harder for small businesses to survive. More than that,, it becomes harder for residents to find their own space, and to be able to afford the spaces. Community gardens are nothing new to the United States--during war times, Victory Gardens were built to help feed local communities. And, since the 70s, people have once again started community gardens to get their own produce and be more friendly to the environment. The Garden of Eden was started in Brooklyn through a collaboration of agencies and local residents. At first, there were only 8 boxes, but now, there are over 40, and a waiting list for more as the space expands. Local residents can each get their own box, where they grow produce as well as flowers, creating a green space they control. I think this kind of initiative is awesome! I've seen a few of these around some of my cities areas, but there are so many more ways this could be implemented even further to really make it an effective solution to problems of poverty and environmental protection!!

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