Inclined Platform Lift To Get Access Via a Staircase For a Wheelchair User

inclined platform lifts.

Irrespective of whether the staircase is straight in design or it has turns, curves, or landings, you can find a number of suppliers who sell IPLs that will suit your needs. IPLs can be purchased in the markets that are equipped with regular or standard straight rails, or custom-made rails. The railings can be bought in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be used to accommodate the entire length of the staircase, even when the number of steps is much more than what is found in regular staircase systems. The IPLs usually can run by using a standard 110v outlet so that it can charge the on-board motor system. In case of an unexpected power failure, the battery present within the unit would still be able to power up the lift for a quite some time, which would depend on the make, model, and age of the device. Make sure you learn about all this information from the supplier before you make the purchase.  

The platforms for these lift systems can have straight pass-through platforms, or side exit platform ramps. You may also be able to find different platform sizes, based on the staircase’s width and the size of the wheelchair. While most of the IPLs in the market are equipped with platforms that can be folded up and moved out of the way when not required, some wheelchair users who have physical limitations choose to have a motor-based folding/unfolding system of the platform so as to remove the need for lifting or bending.  As for the seating option, you can invest in a fold-down seat and portable seats; along with customizable seats if that is something you are looking for. You should buy online inclined platform lifts from a supplier that can get the product delivered safely to your location without much hassle.

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