What is the difference between janitorial and commercial cleaning?

Cleaning is an entirely broad spectrum and no two needs are alike. A professional company’s cleaning can be classified into two wide categories of janitorial and commercial services. It’s misconceived to be one and the same but they are actually not.

The key differences

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Janitors are usually hired on a full-time basis to be a part of your in-house cleaning team. But commercial office cleaners are usually a third party to who you can outsource your requirements for fixed packages.

The scope of work for the janitors that you hire is usually to keep your premises organized and clean every minute of the day. They basically help you to be ready to look presentable to your next big visitor.

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The negatives of janitorial services

Although the in-house janitorial team is always going to be there for you to prepare yourself from facing any surprise visits and still put on your best impression, it comes at a cost. You’ll have to spend a lot of time, money, and energy on the whole process of screening, hiring, training, and processing payrolls for them. You’ll also need to take complete liability for any damage that they incur while cleaning. Employee compensation and insurance are also something that you should be considering.

You are going to pay them for so little work! Yes, although they are entirely at your premise, the work only goes on for like two or so hours. But you’ll still be paying them for the whole day every day. Commercial cleaning in Sydney will rather charge you only for the actual work involved.


The advantage of commercial cleaning companies

They come to your premise with a comprehensive approach. From bringing onboard the best cleaners for your requirements to bringing supplies that are best in the market, they do everything for you without your involvement.

No fixed charges. Your premise might require a tailored plan and process. A company like JBN cleaning will analyze the whole area and plan a proper workflow prior to giving you a free quote to give you an idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

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The background checks all of the cleaners that they send your way. They also come with employee compensation and public liability insurance that can guarantee you complete peace of mind. Even if there happens to be any damage to your space while cleaning, they take complete accountability to replace it as soon as they can.

Commercial office cleaners don’t just clean your premise on a surface level. They go in deep to make sure that you are free from harmful germs and viruses. They carry out disinfection cleaning and high touch-points sanitization as they attempt to clean your premise.

Now, what should you go for?

If you aren’t sure yet, hear this out. A janitor can definitely not help you with technical cleanings like your carpets, windows, factory spaces, or deep cleaning. And the frequency of these would be ideally once every two weeks or a month depending on your foot traffic. You might definitely have to do these if you want to stand out and also keep your employees in a safe space.

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