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Magento 2 Save Cart Pro Extension by MageComp

Buying decisions don’t happen at the first visit, visitors come to the store, checkout products, compare, add products to cart and stop. Most of the times they don’t buy due to many reasons like insufficient budget, product unavailability, unsure needs and others. After some time, they made up their mind and come back for purchase, they need to start the process from scratch. Remember product name, search for, add products with desired quantity and so on. These repetitive tasks may be boring for them and thus can lead to abandon.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Save Cart Pro extension:

1. Customers can add products to their cart & click “Save My Cart” button to save it for later purchase.

2. Customers can also provide a unique name to cart.

3. Customers can see all the saved cart under the “My Account” section.

4. For the next purchase, customers can simply modify or directly add selected product carts.

5. If the quantity of products while updating cart exceed inventory, it shows error message.

6. Option for Customers to edit and delete saved carts from their "My Account" section.

7. Customers can multi-select carts and restore them directly from "My Account" section.

8. Extension is compatible with only simple products, it will not show up "Save My Cart" button if other products than simple is added to cart.

For More Details Checkout: Save Cart Extension for Magento 2

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